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How Do You Organize a Cluttered House?

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Do you wish you had an organized home? Clutter can make your stress levels rise each time you walk into your house. This article will discuss how you can organize all of that clutter and take charge of your home once more.

How do you categorize household items?

The organization of a cluttered house begins with taking an inventory of everything that you have. Do you have far more than you need? It's likely. Once you understand just how much you have, you can start to compartmentalize the things you actually need from the things that don't serve a purpose.

Removal of the second category will get rid of the clutter.

When left with the first category, that which you actually need, you can start to organize it. This might mean buying some extra shelves or simply limiting the stuff that you have, so it fits into the shelves that already exist. You should also indicate a specific shelf for a specific item.

For example, one shelf or cupboard could be for just pots and pans. If you have more than what fits inside of the shelf, then you should do away with the extras that you don't need. This process should be repeated for all of the items in the home. 

The initial categories should be things that you need and use versus things that just hold sentimental value. It's understandable to grow attached to certain items or to clothing. However, you can still enjoy the memory without needing the item there. At the very least, you can always store those sentimental items in a storage unit.

After you have removed the sentimental things from the practical items, then you can start to categorize them. The best way to categorize those items is through their function. Cookware should be kept together in the kitchen. Bathroom supplies should be kept in the bathroom. Linens, towels, and other fabrics should be kept in a closet close to the laundry room.

Categorize based on function and then keep those items close to the area that they're used for efficiency.

Why Having Too Much Stuff is Bad

You may not realize how inefficient and stressful a cluttered home can be because you've been living in one for too long. Too much stuff can make a home appear trashy. It also adds stress to your life because you likely have difficulty in finding the things that you actually need.

With everything strewn about the floor, clogging up tables, and spilling out of closets, you're likely often experiencing a panic attack just by looking at the entire mess.

What Does Clutter Do to Your Life?

One of the biggest things that clutter can do to your life is that it can make you stressed. You may not even realize how stressed you are simply because of the clutter. If you know that you need to clean a room but you keep putting it off, it's likely because you're stressed about cleaning.

Simply organizing and finding a place for daily used items can make a significant impact on your mental load. It can make getting things accomplished much less frustrating and reduce the stress within your family. 


How do You Organize Your Room in a Productive Way?

Besides just being clean, you can organize your room in a productive way. One way is to install hooks or new shelving that allows you to hang and store items out of the way. You can make these decorative and match the aesthetic of the home. You can even use the steps of a staircase as shelves. Be creative with your organizing.

Decluttering can be a big task, but with a plan and the right tools, it is manageable and maintainable. Things like storage cubes and cord covers are a small implementation that can make a big difference with decluttering. Reducing clutter in your home over time is a massive accomplishment with numerous benefits to your health and well-being.  Here are some easy and productive steps to declutter a room:

1. Empty your space

2. After removing your staff from your space, think about what you want from the room and have a clear vision of it.

3. Sort everything into either a  "Vision" box or "Not in Vision" Box

4. Donate or trash items that you will no longer use

5. Reload your room according to your vision 


It's possible to have an organized home. Following these ideas and steps can put you on the path of decluttering and having a home that offers a stress-free existence.

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