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How to Put Cable Clips On?

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All of us have electronics and appliances at home. Managing all of the cables from our devices can be a huge task. A cable clip can help you organize the cable clutter and keep your home tidier. These versatile tools can be fastened to different materials using a number of methods. They can be nailed into drywall or wood or use adhesive to attach to other surfaces. Fortunately, we have some information for you that will help you get the most value out of these incredible tools. 

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Cable Clips in Brick Wall

You can attach a cable clip to a brick wall by pre-drilling a slightly larger hole with a masonry drill bit. Then you can use a plastic wall anchor to affix the cable clip related products with a screw. You can also use a cable clip that can be hammered into the mortar between bricks. If your bricks are flat and untextured then you may be able to use an all-weather adhesive to attach the clips outside.

Cable Clips for Stone Walls

You can use the same methods for attaching a cable clip to a brick wall and a stone wall. When working with either stone or brick, it’s best to use a masonry drill bit to create the size hole you want without chipping the stone or brick. Using a plastic wall anchor will also allow you to securely attach a cable clip. If the surface is smooth enough, you may be able to use an all-purpose adhesive to anchor the clip to the surface.

Cable Clips for Metal

If you are trying to fasten a cable clip to metal then you may check if the surface is magnetic. A magnetic round cable clip can be very strong and bypass the need to use adhesives or drill holes. However, if your surface is not magnetic then adhesives may be your best option. An adhesive cable clip is designed to be removed without leaving behind any sticky residue. Another option is a cable clip that clips onto the surface. This works on objects that have an edge.

Cable Clip for Desks

A great way to secure the cable clutter around your desk is by using an adhesive wire clips.  These can be attached to the backside of desks to direct cables away from eyesight. The upside to these is that they can be placed on any surface of your desk. You can use them on the underside of the desk to hold charging cables that are needed at hand. Another option is to place them along the edge to funnel cables towards the back of the desk.

How a Cable Clip Can Save The Day

Cable management is becoming incredibly important in our day and age. Every household is full of electronics and appliances. Cable clutter is not only an aesthetic problem but can also be a safety hazard when there are small children and pets in the house. Consider getting your cabling in order by utilizing a cable clip and make your home a safer place.


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