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Affordable and Easy DIY Bedroom Decor Ideas




The bedroom is a haven of peace for most people. This requires spicing up your bedroom decor to achieve the desired appeal and effect. Relaxing colors, luxurious bedding, and bedroom accessories like nightstands are some elements you need for the perfect bedroom decor.

Are you planning to decorate your bedroom yourself? Thoughtful and creative touches make a significant difference between DIY decoration and hiring an interior designer to do it for you. Below is a guide on DIY bedroom decor ideas.

How Do You Decorate a Small Room on a Budget?

You can convert your small room into a beautiful space without breaking the bank. These affordable tips will refresh your small room to keep your style in check and money happy.

  • Add an area rug. A well-chosen area rug takes up minimal space when installed vertically. However, it can cover the entire length of your small room when it comes to your floor area
  • Smart styling. When buying furniture, consider pieces with added functionalities such as extra storage. You can use the extra storage to declutter your small room
  • Improve your wall decor. Memories such as photos or posters are almost free. Install these to spice up your wall without having to invest in expensive art or wall decor
  • Embrace color diversity. Mixing your colors can create the illusion of space in a small room. You need to know how to combine colors for interior design to create the desired effect.

More importantly, decorating a room on a budget requires simplicity to avoid overspending.

How Do You Decorate a Bedroom with Simple Things?

DIY interior decor doesn't need to be complex or expensive for it to work. Here are a few simple things to try out:

  • Bring in a plant. Generally, indoor plants are aesthetically pleasing and have several health benefits. Indoor plants help purify your air and keep your space neat, depending on what plants you have. Casper lists 10 of the best simple indoor plants for your bedroom, including English Ivy
  • Add a mirror. Whether it is the self-reflection you get or the bouncing of light from mirror reflections, adding a mirror changes your bedroom's outlook
  • Add wallpapers. Wallpapers come in various designs, colors, and styles. Choose what appeals to you the most as being simple and effective
  • Alternate your lighting scheme. Besides the conventional overhead lighting, you can get a table or floor lamp to bring in light from different angles in your room
  • Use decluttering features. Having a simple bedroom layout is important for your peace of mind. If it is cluttered, for example, with lots of tangled cables, you can use tools such as cable management boxes to keep things neat
  • Rearrange your furniture layout.

Moreover, these simple things should serve the intended purposes, whether an aesthetic appeal or making your room more comfortable.

How Can You Make Your Bedroom Cozy?

Here are a few DIY bedroom decor ideas to make you want to stay in bed all day:

  • Add wood touches. This can be as elaborate as limed oak paneling or as simple as board claddings. You can also install wallpapers that closely portray and simulate wood claddings
  • Create ambiance lighting. You may want to turn off the overhead light fixture at night and work on low light. You can also add strategically installed ceiling lights or soft bedside lamps for a more cozy/dramatic effect
  • Cover your windows. Uncovered, cold windows hinder a room from feeling cozy. If you have large windows, avoid including curtains in a strong pattern. Creating a color balance in how you cover your windows is also important.

What Should You Put on Your Bedroom Walls?

Ways to animate and beautify your walls include:

  • Hang patterned rugs
  • Create a gallery wall
  • Add stylish storage features
  • Hang a horizontal mirror or painting
  • Add a mural.

The wall is often the center of home decor for most homeowners. This calls for creativity and personalization. You can decide to hang photos of your favorite memories in different colors and frames. Moreover, you can put up a wallpaper that matches your taste and preference.


Bedroom decor shouldn't be expensive unless it is okay for you. It should serve the most important functions of aesthetic appeal and increasing comfort. One of the best bedroom decor ideas is decluttering and arranging your space systematically.

Cable management boxes help you manage and organize your cable wires. You can also choose to rearrange a few things without spending a dime on decor items. Consult with your local interior designer for other DIY bedroom decor ideas.

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