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What Cable Clip is and Its Best Uses for Cable Management

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Cable clips are a wonderful tool used for cable management and can be attached to almost any surface. They help to organize cable clutter by bundling cables together and directing them away and out of sight. This prevents your cables from becoming tangled or damaged. This wire holder also helps to keep your children, pets, and electronics safe from harm.


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How Do You Install Cable Clips?


A cable clip can be installed using nails or screws into hard surfaces like wood, stone or brick. Plastic retainers can be used in stone and brick to attach the screw securely in place. Adhesives have a wide range of applications and can attach wire clips universally to nearly any surface. This type of material can also be used on virtually any surface such as walls, desks, nightstands, entertainment centers or cabinetry. Lastly, magnets can be used on metal surfaces and are surprisingly strong. These are excellent because they do not leave any residue or holes behind when removed.

How Do You Organize Your Cords Yourself?


It is easy to organize your cords yourself with cable organizers! Take a look at where your cables need to go. You can use a cable sleeve to bundle together a lot of cords. You can also direct your cables behind furniture, under cabinetry or along baseboards to keep them out of sight and out of harm’s way. Some cable clips can hold a few cords whereas others may only hold one. Choose the correct clip based on how many cords you are needing to hide and the surface it will be attached to.


How Do I Keep Cables From Falling Off My Desk?

You can attach cable clips to the underside of your desk to securely hold cables that need to be within arm’s reach. Your cables will be easily accessible without cluttering up your workspace.

How Do I Organize My Cables Under My Desk?

Start by de-tangling your existing cords. Make sure that no cords are wrapped around another one and that they are all hanging freely. You can then begin using cable ties to direct them towards the backside of your desk. Once you get them into a bundle you can use a cable sleeve to neatly bundle them. Afterward, it’s important to bundle any excess cable. You can do this by wrapping it around your hand until there is only a little slack and then using zip ties to secure the unused cable. 


A cable clip is an effective, simple and cheap method of managing your cables. The important thing is to buy the correct cable clips for the number of wires you have and the surface you’ll be attaching them to. Some cable clips allow you to easily access your wires if you need to change them around. Others will need to be cut open and replaced if you need to make alterations. Choosing the right clips for the job will ensure that your cables are safe and out of sight!


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