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How Does Being Organized Reduce Stress?

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Have you ever just stopped and had a serious look at what really surrounds you? How exactly did that make you feel; angry, tense, or overwhelmed? Well, if the answer to any of these is a solid yes, chances are that you are in serious combat with clutter, and the clutter seems to be winning in this case.

Studies show that there is a strong positive correlation between being organized and stress reduction. It is one way of ensuring that you avoid last-minute rushes and the anxiety that comes along with it. This way, you will have moments that are more exciting rather than stressful, leaving you feeling all empowered.


Can being disorganized affect you?

The answer to this question is an absolute yes. Being disorganized has a direct impact on your health, as it causes stress and anxiety more than you even realize. It does not end there; being disorganized comes along with low productivity, poor time management, sluggish professional growth, financial strain, increased frustration, among many others. Basically, an organized home is almost directly proportional to reduced stress.


How can I clean my room in 10 minutes?

For most of us, cleaning up is not exactly in our list of fun activities. However, there is a quick and easy way to get the job done and get you that organized home you so much desire. More often than not, we cannot even explain how we got into this situation of unread books, unsorted clothing, lonely socks, and open magazines in the first place. 

Fret not; there is a way to get everything in its right place in just about ten minutes! It is a process that entails taking care of the basics; make your bed, keep dirty clothes together in a neat pile, keep clean clothes where they should be, return any utensils to the kitchen, sort out those paper piles, replace all reading materials, empty the wastebasket, regularly clean your space and the most important one of them all is making it a habit to be organized. 

How do you decide what to throw away when decluttering?

We tend to keep things because somewhere deep down, we believe that we will use these items again. While this might be true to some extent, more often than not, much of this stuff ends up being clutter. The best thing is that there is an easy way to help you make up your mind; I like to call it the 'Declutter Formula.' 

It is quite simple; ask yourself these questions: what is the item's decency in terms of usage? How frequently do you use the item? How easy or hard was it to acquire the item in question? What is the storage and maintenance cost tied to it? The answer to any of these questions will help in making it easier to decide on what to keep and what to dispose.


Why is a clean house so important?

Let's be honest; vacuuming, dusting, tossing, shining, scrubbing, and all that stuff is not all that fun, especially if you have to do it so regularly. However, organized home and space, in general, goes a long way to show who you really are as an individual. Regular housekeeping helps in killing germs, enhancing the quality of our indoor air, improves mental clarity, enhances our homes' aesthetics, and, most importantly, deters stress!



We can all agree that our personal space tends to be where we are comfortable the most. A sanctuary where we can be ourselves. As such, taking care of this is highly essential. Manage your stress levels by seeing to it that you maintain high organizational levels. Most importantly organize your cables, cords and chargers using the cable clip organizer.

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