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How Can I Reduce Clutter in My Home?

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Clutter in your home can cause anxiety and increase stress. You might not recognize this feeling in your own home. However, surely you have walked into someone's home or office and immediately felt claustrophobic. This same phenomenon happens in our homes. We just become accustomed to the feeling.

To eliminate the stress of disorder, you must address the issue of clutter. Ideally, you would end with a clutter free home. You will first need to develop good daily habits. Also, you will need to develop a plan to eliminate clutter swiftly. To maintain an organized home, you should organize each room according to its purpose. Maximizing space reduces the closed-in feeling found in smaller areas.

Keep reading to discover ways to become less cluttered, get rid of clutter quickly, easily organize a room, and rearrange a room for maximum space. Make sure the people you live with are on board with decluttering before you begin!

How do I become less cluttered?

By nature, some people are clutter collectors. To become less cluttered, you will need to develop good habits, including dealing with clutter daily. Set a time each day to go through your entire house and put things where they belong. If multiple people live with you, you might consider setting aside an area or box for each person's belongings. Deal with paper as soon as it comes into your house. Make a box for bills to pay and throw away junk mail. Disguise electronic clutter by utilizing a cord sleeve.

How do I get rid of clutter quickly?

The easiest way to get rid of clutter is to not allow it in your home. Retrain your brain to figure out an item's purpose and an ideal location before you purchase it.

To deal with the clutter already in your home, set up three boxes or bins. In one, put all of the trash items. In the second, place all of the good quality pieces that can be donated. The third box will hold all of the things you wish to keep.

What is the easiest way to organize your room?

When you begin to organize each room, first determine its purpose. Closets are meant to store things, while bedrooms are made for resting and leisure time activities. Once you know the purpose, you'll have an idea of how to organize. Closets need lots of storage bins to label and stash things in. Develop a system for each room that works best for you and allows you to use the room as intended.

How do I arrange my room for maximum space?

Begin arranging your room by choosing a location for the biggest piece of furniture. In a bedroom, this will typically be the bed. Make sure to place it flush against a wall on at least one side. Leave ample walking room around it and between it and other pieces. In larger rooms, balance it with a dresser or other medium-sized piece on the opposite wall. Use creative storage solutions, such as under bed containers, corner shelves, and furniture that doubles as storage. 


Being able to come home and enjoy a peaceful evening is priceless. With a little effort and some smart purchases, you can make your home less cluttered. One of the biggest sources of clutter is electronic devices and their cords. One simple step in becoming clutter free is to hide cords in cord sleeves. Removing cords from sight greatly enhances the appearance of your room and creates a sense of cleanliness which translates to a calm feeling. Becoming a person who recognizes and deals with clutter might not develop overnight, but it will pay off!

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