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How Do I Begin to Organize My Life?

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If your life is in disarray, it might be because your home is cluttered. Rather than stress out over the small things, you can find ways to declutter. In fact, take action to organize your life, so you can live again.

Does having too much stuff cause stress?

When you have too much stuff taking up space in your home, you might feel stressed out and not know why. Firstly, consider how extra junk may be affecting your mindset. For example, if you have dishes in the kitchen sink, on the table and falling on the floor, you have a problem. Each time you walk into the kitchen, you probably feel frustrated. Now imagine how you'd feel if each dish was in its proper place. You'd be able to breathe easier and focus on more important matters. Plus, you won't break your leg tripping over dirty dishes. Excessive clutter can take up space in your mind, and drive you a little crazy.

How do I arrange a small living room?

Arranging a small living room will make guests feel more welcome. You can create an organized home by taking small steps to organize each room. First, remove extra furniture, coffee tables or other objects that only get in the way. You can keep anything you regularly use, such as a comfortable chair, one table and a lamp you might use for reading, among other things. Step back to figure out what can be improved in the room. You can try experimenting with the look by moving objects around until you're please with the result. You can choose furniture with built-in storage to maximize space. Fill up corners with items like plants. Purchasing smaller furniture pieces may be necessary to reduce stress and create a nicer space. If you're on a budget, try shopping at discount stores or second-stores like Goodwill or Salvation Army.

How do I get rid of sentimental clutter?

First of all, you don't have to get rid of all sentimental clutter. Only keep the items that provide genuine value and meaning to your life. Just because you received something as a gift doesn't mean you need to keep it. If it doesn't fit your personal tastes, you can donate it to someone who'll appreciate it more. If you're a crafty person, you can repurpose a photo frame or jewelry box into something more useful. Further, a family member might cherish any heirlooms you can give them. No matter how many items you get rid of, you'll always have the memories you attached to them. Anything you keep should make you feel positive.

How do I organize my little things?

Organizing little things is essential to having an organized home. For instance, you may want to begin with an office desk. You can remove trash and anything you don't regularly use. Only leave essential items such as a pencil cup, pen, cable clips, notebook, paper clips or others. Moreover, consider keeping a plant, book or other item you can use to stay stress-free on your break. Now, stand back to take a look at your desk. What can you do to make it appear more aesthetically pleasing. You don't have to be a professional designer to create a tidy space you love. Try arranging other areas of the house in the same manner. This may be the bathroom sink or mirror, tools in the garage or kids playroom.

Sometimes small details matter a lot. Letting your stuff pile up can cause negativity and frustration. Having an organized home is worth the effort when you gain peace of mind.

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