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Cable Sleeves


1)  Q: How long are cable sleeves?

     A: Each sleeve is 20 inches.

2)  Q: Are cable sleeves fire proof?

     A: They are neoprene. They will melt in a fire.

3)  Q: If pairing two side-by-side, how do you "attach" them to run together?

     A: Cable sleeves zip together.

4)  Q: Do cable sleeves come in different colors?

     A: At the moment, we only have the cable sleeves in black.


Cable Clips / Double Cable Clips


1) Q: How many times can the clips be moved and reused? Do they make a magnetic version?

    A: The clips can be reused, however you'll most likely need to put a new adhesive on the back from the clip that can be bought online or in any store. At the moment we not have any magnetic version.

2) Q: What is the diameter of the adhesive surface?

    A: The diameter of the adhesive surface is 1 inch.

3) Q: Can cable clips hold a HDMI cable?

    A: Yes, they can.

4) Q:  Will these hold a Pencil?

    A:The cable clips can hold most of the usual pens and pencils.    

5) Q: Does it leave a mark when removed?

    A: No, you can remove it easily.


If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us!