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How Do You Start Decluttering?

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The easiest way to start decluttering is to set aside some time each day to tackle the job. It is too hard to declutter a home all at once. To have an organized home, do a little each day until it is done. You might want to allow an hour a day or maybe even 30 minutes per day if you are pressed for time.

How Do I Organize My Room With Too Much Stuff?

The truth is, you will not be able to organize a room that has too much stuff in it. You first need to get rid of some of your things. Bring four boxes into the room you are decluttering. The first box is for things you want to keep but want to move to another room. The second is for things to sell. These could be items that you don’t need anymore but that are too valuable to just give away. You can sell these on eBay, Facebook, or other buy/sell apps. The third box is for things to give to a charity such as Goodwill. The fourth box is for things to throw away. Make liberal use of these four boxes as you go through the room.

Should I Clean or Declutter First?

Contrary to what you may think, you should always clean a room as best you can before you declutter. The reason for this is that the energy of the room is uplifted when it is cleaned. You will feel better in the room and will be willing to spend time in it when it is as clean as possible. You will gain energy for decluttering if the room is clean. The good energy of the clean room will inspire you.

How Do I Keep My Room Clean and Organized?

The trick to keeping a room clean and organized is to have a place for everything. Once you have decluttered, you will have fewer things to put away. After decluttering, find a place for every item, either in this room or in another one. If your family can’t remember where things go, feel free to put labels inside your cabinets so everyone in the family knows where to put things.

Once things have been put away, rooms will be a breeze to clean. And if you really hate cleaning, hire a cleaning service to do it. The money spent will be well worth it to have a clean and organized home.

Does Having a Clean Room Make You Happier?

Having a clean room definitely will make you happier. Living among clutter is very depressing. Having to hunt for things that you want to use is frustrating. If your home is organized, you will be able to have people over on the spur of the moment. Having a social life and spending time with friends will add to your happiness.


Decluttering does not have to be a big scary task if you take it in small steps. Clean and declutter one room at a time. Make sure you get rid of things before you invest in additional storage. However, items like cable sleeves to organize your cables are always good to have. Spend a little time each day on decluttering, and you will soon have a lovely organized home to show off to your family and friends.

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