About Us

The year was 2014, and our founder Luis was patiently waiting at the airport gate for the last flight home. With a bit of time to himself, he opened up his laptop and sent off some emails. As a regular traveler, and consultant, owning a laptop was critical to his business and seemed the practical choice...

That is until he got home.

Late and tired, reconnecting all the various monitor, printer and USB cables back into his laptop felt more like major heart surgery! Most of them seemed to have a mind of their own, as he got on his hands and knees to recover the ‘usual suspects’ that had slipped down the back of the desk... again.

Surely there had to be a simple solution. So in late 2014 Luis set about finding it, and still by the end of that year, Blue Key World’s cable clips were born.

Serving people (like him) with messy home cable management problems, customers loved the simplicity and adaptability of the solution. And by 2015, the company's humble cable clip solution had become the #1 best-selling cable management product on Amazon.com.

Since then, Blue Key World has been on a singular mission: to help customers alleviate their home and office nightmares.

The success of Blue Key World is driven by three core values the company holds:

- Customer focus: not only in the solutions it offers, but in the customer support it delivers ­Blue Key World believes only in excellence

- Product quality: firm in its belief that customers benefit from a premium product, Blue Key World sources only from suppliers that deliver to its exacting standards

- User friendly: Blue Key World aims to ensure a good user experience. All of its products are easy to use, understand and deal with.


Regardless of our background, our structure or our goals, we simply wish to make our customers lives easier with the solutions we offer, and to ensure they receive online customer service we’d expect from a leading service provider.