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Why is Clutter Bad?

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clutter is bad

Clutter within a home is a battle many people fight daily, and it seems to grow when not appropriately tackled. Whether the objects are wanted or unwanted, clutter can be bad for a home and for those in the house. An organized and decluttered home is a happier home that leads to a lifetime of healthier habits within a family. 


What does clutter do to you

Clutter can affect your health, stress, memory, and much more in the home. It also burdens families, causes things to be lost or mismanaged and can cost money and time. Major clutter issues can lead to health problems and fire hazards. Simply organizing and finding a place for daily used items can make a significant impact on your mental load. It can make getting things accomplished much less frustrating and reduce the stress within your family. 


Why clutter is bad for your health

When it comes to the physical and mental effects of clutter, the most common depiction is that clutter can "drain" you. It is like to anxiety and depression and scatter-brained mental health, and can also manifest physical health issues. The messiness of clutter can lead to stress and forgetfulness. Studies show that cortisol is escalated in cluttered homes versus more organized and neat ones, reducing stress levels and giving a more clear headspace. The physical manifestation of this includes higher chances of illness and hormone-related issues in homes that are more cluttered. 


How to declutter without throwing things away

Many people fear a decluttering process as a giant afternoon spent throwing things away that you own. While this is one way to declutter, other methods are more productive and more sustainable. The first being to separate and set up an area to store things for selling or donating. This way, you can clear out clutter and make money as well. 

Once unnecessary items have been dispersed, it's much easier to begin organizing and prioritizing. 


What do you need for decluttering

When it comes to decluttering, you don't need much. The more things you have to organize, the more baskets, trays, covers you have might be helpful. If you tend to hoard or fear getting rid of things, you may also need a strong backbone and a discerning eye. An easy rule of thumb is to store like things together, and use baskets and trays inside of drawers and only keep decor and often used items on tabletops and counters. Unavoidable things, like cords or appliances, can be kept clean and tidy to maintain the organized feel of the home. These simple changes keep clutter at bay and can create daily habits to keep your home less stressful. 


Decluttering can be a big task, but with a plan and the right tools, it is manageable and maintainable. Things like storage cubes and cord covers like this are a small implementation that can make a big difference with decluttering. Reducing clutter in your home over time is a massive accomplishment with numerous benefits to your health and well-being.

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