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Where Do I Start Decluttering? 

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What better place to start decluttering than your bedroom? After all, it's the place where you begin and end your day. It's only natural that the bedroom is where you're likely to accumulate more unwanted clutter. 


We'll walk you through some of the best home organization hacks around. With a little patience, it's possible to declutter your life thoroughly. 


How Do You Organize a Messy Bedroom?

If you're unwilling to throw away anything, it can be a little tricky to get your personal space in order. However, it's far from impossible - it just requires creativity. 


The first step to organizing your bedroom is to collect items into separate piles. We recommend having a throwaway, donate, and keep pile to start with. Afterwards, you can go back and organize item by type. 


Once you have general piles, you can start finding areas of the room that your possessions will fit. Put the items that you use every day in the easiest to access locations, while the least used items should be relegated for storage. 


If your room is overflowing with stuff, look out for unused spaces where items could be stored. You're likely to have extra space under your bed or behind the headboard. It's even possible to store jewellery and shoes on the wall on tension racks. 


Does Keeping a Messy Desk Make You More Creative?

Though messy desks are associated with disorganization, some see them as a sign of creativity. Messy desks may even help you to think more creativity, according to a 2013 scientific study conducted by the University of Minnesota.


Surrounding yourself with clutter may stimulate the brain to make new and unintended connections. If you're a creative professional, there may be some benefit to surrounding yourself with inspiring items, decoration, and scraps of paper to jot down ideas. 


That said, messy desks can also be associated with poor mood, anxiety, and depression. 


How Can I Motivate Myself to Start Cleaning?

The best way to motivate yourself to clean is to set goals and make it enjoyable. While cleaning, play music or an episode of your favourite podcast so that the task is less odious. 


In terms of setting goals, try to do one small task a day. Assign yourself a single room to tidy up every day. Set the alarm for a specific time of day that's your "Clean Up" bell, reminding you to spend five minutes getting tidy. 


If even that is too much effort, put just one item back in its proper place. Over time, you'll habituate yourself to start organizing, cleaning, and getting your home in order. The home organization hacks will make it significantly easier to cross that initial hurdle. 


What Does a Messy Room Indicate?

Messy rooms can indicate a lot of different causes and factors. For some, a messy room may imply that they're too busy to have time to organize. Others may have too many items, which tend to overflow into their living space. 


Still, others may have kids. Yet for some, a messy room can indicate underlying struggles with anxiety, depression, or another mood disorder. Feelings of hopelessness, fatigue, and lack of motivation are all characteristics associated with long term depression. 


Alternatively, a messy room could just be a result of your personality and the way you act in the world. Messy rooms are good indicators of creative thinking and alternative lifestyles. 



Don't be afraid to get started on some of these home organization hacks. Once your room is tidy, you'll be glad you started organizing in the first place.

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