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How Can I Make My Office More Fun? 

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An office that does not feel fun can prevent motivation and inhibit progress. It is important to have a fun atmosphere to feel relaxed while working and bring the most success possible for working. This fun can come from having effective decorative and organization tips in the office, as well as certain office incentives. 

One of the best office incentives is to allow dogs to come to work to reduce stress. There could also be fun games or puzzles to encourage competition and help employees' minds to work. Free coffee and a flexible work policy can also be included as incentives to promote office fun and motivation. 

Decorating and organizing an office is a great way to make an office more fun as well. Be sure that cables are not intermixed to allow technology to work most efficiently. Make the office feel at home with bright colors and encouraging employees to decorate their desks in their own styles. 


How to Organize Desk in an Office for Small Spaces

The first step in organizing any small space is getting rid of whatever is not needed or used. This will allow for more space in the long run. Keep all of your paperwork in a desk organizer, and keep all wires maintained with a cable sleeve. The desk organizer can also hold office tools such as scissors, pens and staplers. Have stackable containers to hold smaller items such as paper clips, binder clips or extra staples. 


How to Organize a Desk for Two

It is essential first off to ensure that there is equal storage space for both individuals at the desk. Have drawers or desk organizers on both sides. Have a central location where a cable sleeve can hold wires for both individuals so that they do not take up too much space. Ensure that there is enough space available so that both employees are comfortable and can feel as if there is ample room to complete their work. Make sure there is enough space between you as well in case confidential information is being shared over phone or email. 


How Do I Keep Cables From Falling Off My Office Desk?

There are many methods to keep cables from falling off of your desk. One option that may not last as long is to utilize a binder clip to clip the wires to the side of your desk. Another option is to use a cable sleep that can hold cables and conceal them to look cleaner and more organized. This cable sleeve can be set wherever is comfortable for you and makes sense for you on your desk, though you should be sure not to overextend the cables or wires. 


Best Desk Organizers for Tidy Office

Desk Organizers are one of the best ways to organize your desk space in your office setting. These organizers are an effective way to declutter the space on your desk. You need to ensure that it can hold all important documents as well as any essential office supplies. There are desk organizers that are simply made for the office supplies and writing supplies as well. There are also desk organizers explicitly made for cords such as a cable sleeve which can hold all of your cords in place. 


Organizing your office and your office desk can be done with cable sleeves for your wires and desk organizers. Having a decluttered desk and office space can bring more personalization and fun to your office. Utilize organizational strategies that will best assist you in maintaining a decluttered, fun, mess-free office and desk. 

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