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How Can I Be an Organizer at Home?

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Believe it or not, there’s a lot more to becoming an organizer than labeling and folding clothes. Creating a practical, neat, and organized home is a professional organizer’s number one priority but, as with any job, their day-to-day responsibilities require a slew of softer skills.

 What Is The First Step In The Organizing Process?

The first step toward organizing your house is to make storage room. Most families toss everything in closets, drawers, basements and so forth. Go through this first to make room for belongings you organize from the most used rooms in the house. After all, the gas tank has to be near empty before you can put gas in it, and the dishwasher emptied before you can load it.

Start small with a junk drawer, then tackle a closet. Toss whatever you don't use or need. Install your organization tools, and you're ready to store.

 How Can I Make Organizing Fun?

Listening to music while organizing is fun, especially when you incorporate your organizing into dance moves. Make a game out of organizing, and don't forget to treat yourself when you win the game. Take mini-breaks in which you play basketball or swing a golf club. These are great aerobic exercises as well as being fun. Organize with a friend who tells jokes to make you laugh.

 How Can I Organize For Cheap?

You'd be surprised how many yard sales offer organizational tools. The families might be moving soon. The first things movers do is lose everything they're not taking with them.

Wire shelving, hanging baskets, and clothes rods aren't expensive and are stocked by everyone from Walmart to Home Depot. Dollar stores have great storage articles.

Wood scraps are most often found around building sites. Talk to the general contractor. Sometimes they'll let people take the scraps instead of taking them to a recycle facility. You can use the wood scraps for holders inside cabinet doors, spice racks, drawer dividers and organizers, over door and window shelves, and bases into which to attach rods beneath cabinets for hanging kitchen items.

What Are Five Tips For Organizing Your Bedroom?

The bedroom might be only where you sleep, but it holds a lot of belongings. Beginning with storage, these five tips will help declutter the bedroom.

Begin with the closet. Working from left to right, toss what isn't used, and hang what is. Use a shoe rack for shoes and hanging shelves and baskets for handbags and other accessories.

Need room to store bed linens? Use decorative boxes and/or vacuum bags for under the bed storage. Pillows and linens can be stored there, emptying closet space you formerly used to store them.

Organizing your dresser and bedside table are a simple matter of drawer organizers. You could also use what's at hand: put spare change in a peanut butter jar, place your keys, rings, and other loose items in an egg carton, and hang your jewelry on a picture frame containing foam with hooks.

Build several shelves over your bedside table to hold your books. This will free up space on the bedside table for a lamp or a vase of flowers.

Make your bed every morning. Nothing says organized like a made bed.


Home organization offers more storage space, and that's the major quest of every homeowner. It can even be made fun. You can do it yourself or hire an interior décor expert to help. The possibilities are endless, and the value immeasurable.


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