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What is The Fastest Way to Clean a Dirty House?

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Is your mother-in-law visiting? Are you hosting a party tonight? No matter the reason, every free moment is an opportunity to tidy up your living space. Studies show that a clean home can help to curb stress, improve happiness, and even boost your exercise habits. 

How Can I Organize My House Without Spending Much Money?

Organizing doesn't have to expensive. In fact, you don't even have to buy pricey plastic crates or decorative bins to get started. Often, home organization is just about putting necessary items in a convenient area. 

In order to spend as little money as possible, you're going to have to get creative with the tools at your disposal. Keep your eye out for sturdy containers, recycled boxes, or other bins that you have lying around the home. 

Alternatively, you can always find cheap storage containers at all-purpose retailers like Walmart and Target. One sturdy pantry bin can keep you set for years to come while keeping the clutter out of sight. 

How Do You Organize a Small Bedroom With a Lot of Stuff?

Since your day begins and ends with your bedroom, it can be all too easy to let items clutter up the room. To keep sane, you'll want to keep your room as organized as possible. 

The best place to start is likely your wardrobe, which can include the closet and any drawers in the room. Go through your clothing and pick out what you haven't worn in the past year for donation. If it's a seasonal item, pack it away in a vacuum-packed storage bin until it's time to use again. 

Additionally, try and find storage spots in ill-used parts of the room. Under the bed, above the headboard, and even the wall can become compartmentalized storage areas for your overflowing stuff. 


How Do You Make a Room Aesthetic?

Aside from cleaning up after yourself, there are tons of ways to make your room look aesthetic. 

Spruce up the room with plant life, fairy lights, a mirror, or new painting. Whenever you're decorating, try to stick to a simple colour scheme to maximize the effectiveness of the look you're going for. 

If you're unwilling to buy new decorative items, make a wall-based display out of old materials lying around. You could even display your jewellery on the way to set a pleasant atmosphere. 


Is a Messy House a Sign of Mental Illness?

Contrary to popular thought, a messy home is not necessarily a sign of mental illness. On its own, a messy house can implicate that you just haven't made time to clean or your personal cleanliness preference is low. 

That said, when persistent disorganization starts to interfere with your life, it may be time to get help. Unfinished projects and hoarding may be more profound symptoms of depression, anxiety, or other mood disorders. 

Are you embarrassed to bring others to your home? Do you find yourself starting projects but never finishing them? If so, it may be time for some self-reflection. 


Home organization doesn't have to be a nightmare. With the right mindset, you can clean your home in as little time as possible without spending anything. 

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