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How to Make Desk Look More Organized?

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It's where you work, where you play, and where you probably spend more time than anywhere else. All those hours you spend there increases the odds of the area becoming cluttered. If you're like most people, then you' have cords, notepads, pens, and paper spread across almost every inch of your working area. This can make it difficult to stay organized on the job. It also leads to unnecessary frustrations (who doesn't blow a fuse when they can't find an important document among heaps of clutter?). Having an organized desk will make your life a lot easier. You can start the decluttering process with some simple first steps.  


How do you organize a messy desk?

The most important thing to do when organizing any space is to allocate every item an assigned place. This means you'll know longer just toss your red marker in one drawer and your black marker in another without any consideration for their proper place.  


The first step to organize your space is to make a plan, based on the space at your disposal and the items you need to store. Consider using separate drawers for different types of supplies. For example, you could place all your writing instruments in one drawer, then put your computer gadgets in another.  


Think carefully about the layout of your space, and personalize the area to your specific needs. If you're always using your stapler, then don't designate it to the bottom drawer. If there are some tools you hardly ever use, consider stashing them somewhere near the back. 


Once you've got your general plan, you can get to work with the actual organizing.  


What should I declutter first?


As lovely as it is to have neat and tidy drawers, the most important thing to tackle first is the surface of your working area. Having piles of junk all around your computer can be distracting. Not only can it make it hard to find what you're looking for, but it can also increase the stress and anxiety you feel while you're working.  


Try to start the organization process by taking everything off the surface and putting it on the floor or some other table. Sometimes just seeing the blank canvas you now have to work with can make you feel better about the entire organizing process.  


Once you've got that surface clear, it's time to decide what really belongs there. Your laptop? Sure. A pen or pencil? Okay. But an old candy wrapper? A pile of paper clips? Those excess items have been clogging up your space and causing you countless headaches. It's time to put them in the garbage or a drawer where they belong.  


Another great way to keep your surface space clear is by tidying up cables and wires. Charges and headphones have a way of putting themselves into annoying positions. Simple cable clips can help solve this problem.

How can I organize my small desk without drawers?


Drawers are a handy organizing tool, but it's possible to organize a space without them. You can use simple cups or caddies to store everything you need right on your working surface.  


You can also buy small sets of drawers to put on top of your work area. This way, even a small, simple piece of furniture can have the benefits of drawers.


How do I keep my desk clean and organized?

Once you've done the hard work and organized your work area, it's maintaining the current level of organization that becomes the major project. Luckily, keeping your space tidy is easy, as long as you're diligent.  


Make a point of leaving everything in its proper place when you stop working for the day. Avoid laziness like the plague, and never leave anything lying around where it doesn't belong. It really is that simple.




An organized desk is a major step that will not only declutter your working space but will also help you organize your life. You will likely notice your productivity increase while experiencing less stress from your work. So get those cable clips ready and start organizing. It's a move you'll never regret.

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