• Jul 17, 2020

Workspace Organization: Maximize Productivity with Smart Solutions

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Your productivity depends on a well-organized desk, which boosts your morale to do your job. When you have a well-arranged space, it is easier to locate every work tool, making you finish your work on time. So, your primary focus should be keeping it tidy.

The benefits of keeping your desk clean and organize clutter

Keeping your desk clean and organized clutter-free is essential for staying on top of things, both in your personal and professional life. When you try to keep your workspace tidy, you'll spend less time looking for things around, and more time getting work done. It's important to keep the end of every work day for putting things away, so your work area is clean and clutter-free the next day.

By using an organizer, container, or file cabinet, you can store and find what you need easily. Use cable and cord sleeves to keep wire and cord from tangling up, and setting aside a tray for miscellaneous things. You can make use of decorative paper clips or wallpaper to add some style to your desktop.

By staying organized, you'll feel more organized, and a clean desk allows for a clutter-free and minimalist work environment. As the famous quote goes, "a cluttered desk is a cluttered mind." So, put things away at the end of every work day, recycle papers you no longer need, and jot things down in a notebook or use a memo app on your computer to stay organized throughout the day.

Keep your computer, keyboard, and gadgets clean, and make sure to store your pen and scissor in a designated spot. By embracing a clutter-free and minimalist work environment, you'll be able to focus on your tasks and find everything you need quickly and efficiently.

Cleaning your desk off regularly has concrete benefits. Not only will it help you declutter both mentally and physically, having a clean workspace can actually help increase your efficiency, professionalism and overall image within the organization and even in your home office. If you work from home, a clean desk is just as important to you as it would be if you worked within a shared office. The majority of the dirt that builds up on your desk from your day-to-day use of your workspace is invisible to the eye, yet it is still there!


Why should you clean your messy desk at work?

Clean desk can help you stay organized, healthier and on top of your game. Here are some reasons why to clean your desk any time of year to promote happier, healthier work:


  1. You will be more focused - Without all those extra sticky notes, office supplies and piles of papers scattered around your desk, you'll be much less distracted. This way you can actually focus on the task at hand. You may even find yourself being more efficient, since you'll know exactly where the items you need are located at all times, rather than wasting time digging through piles of work to find that one important document. Toss what you don't need and file what you do, and see how much faster you are at getting things done.
  2. You will have larger space to work - In any office or home office, desk space is a hot commodity. You may even see coworkers move to conference rooms or common areas just to have space to spread out. If you work from home, you may leave everything on your desk and don’t pick it up later. Cleaning your desk every day after work is a good idea not to have a cluttered desk
  3. You will look more professional - Having a tidy desk projects an image of competence and professionalism. You don’t want to have a desk scattered with dirty coffee cups, food scraps, and mounds of clutter. A professional person takes pride in his or her appearance, whether it's your outfit or your desk. Try to look at your desk from an outsider’s perspective and think about what it says about you.

How often should you clean your desk and drawers?

Maintaining cleanliness in the workplace is crucial for both physical and mental well-being. Cleaning your desk and drawers can prevent the accumulation of dirt, dust, and germs. It's recommended to clean your desk today, drawers, and inbox at least once a week. Doing so will keep the clutter under control and allow for a more organized workspace. Clutter allows for unnecessary distractions, which can impact productivity and creativity. Wipe down your black and white desk surface, dust the printer and pencil holder, and discard any outdated or irrelevant papers in your inbox. Regular cleaning of your workspace will not only ensure a healthier environment but also contribute to a more focused and productive workday. How long is too long to go between cleans and, more importantly, how is your cleaning routine affecting you and your productivity, and what is its impact on office or home office hygiene?

It probably comes as no surprise that the desk is the most dirtiest place in the office. In fact, a single work desk can contain over 400 times more germs than a toilet seat. Even the messiest of people should endeavour to keep their desk as tidy as possible. If you sat at your desk for the majority of the day, you should clean it regularly when you see dirt and dust start to appear, which can be within days in some cases.



Does a clean desk make you more productive?

The phrase "tidy space, tidy mind" holds true when it comes to productivity at work. A clean and organized desk can help reduce stress and increase productivity. A cluttered desk can cause unnecessary distractions and make it difficult to find the items you need quickly. By contrast, a clean desk allows you to focus on the task at hand and provides a sense of calm and order. It's much easier to tackle tasks efficiently when your workspace is free of clutter. While there's no guarantee that a clean desk will make you more productive, it can certainly make it easier to stay focused and motivated, leading to a more productive workday. An adage goes that your space reflects your state of mind. Thus, a clean workspace means you are constructive and productive. On the other hand, hoarding and disorganization causes extreme anxiety during decision making according to Psychology Today. Regardless of the size of your business, it is essential to have a neat and organized workspace. It does not only help refresh your mind, a clean office can also improve your productivity. Some employees would argue that the mess on their desk can help them think and be creative. However, too much clutter can be detrimental to clear, creative thinking.



What are the best tips to declutter your desk?

The time management killer is when people pick up the same piece of paper six times. If you can make a decision about where that piece of paper goes, it’s either out of your head or on your to-do list.

  1. Decide what piles should stay, and which can go. Some things are important and stand the test of time, and maybe they deserve their own folder. But temporary papers should get organized and dated, or thrown in the bin.
  2. Label everything. Investing in a good label maker will save you all the time you waste searching for things. It’s easier to stay organized when you know where everything is.
  3. Designate particular spaces for particular things. Have this in mind when labeling, and you’ll never spend time searching for items again.




Taking the time to declutter your office desk can help you organize your thoughts. Not to mention that your next big idea might be sitting under the pile of documents!

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