• Jun 01, 2020

Optimize Productivity: Discover the Best Desk Setup for Your Comfort

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The tiniest features of your workspace can affect productivity. Workplace conditions can also affect your health. There are ways to easily improve your set up. Scientific evidence proves that proper ergonomics and a tidy workspace can result in better overall health. It is commonplace for many individuals to sit while working long hours every day. If you want to make sure that you are doing all you can to create a healthy and enjoyable workspace, check out these tips.


How to clean your desk setup fast and improve productivity at work

A cluttered desk can cause distractions and negatively affect your productivity levels. To improve your work performance, it's important to create the best desk setup possible. Consider a desk with adjustable height, an ergonomic chair that ensures your thighs are parallel to the ground, and a standing desk to switch up your posture throughout the day. Optimize your desk layout by placing your monitor or laptop at eye level, using a wireless mouse to reduce cable clutter, and ensuring there is enough natural or artificial light. Desk accessories like a desk pad, charger, and desk lamp can improve your desk look and aesthetics, while plants are a great way to improve your home office setup. Take advantage of resources like Reddit for desk setup ideas and tips, and make sure to keep your desk organized to increase productivity and reduce stress. A clean and organized workspace can give you a new perspective and boost your productivity levels to make or break your workday.

Keeping things tidy can be a daily struggle. When we do clean our work area, it can quickly get cluttered all over again. If you are diligent, you can clean your area fast. Some items are well known for creating a cluttered space. The biggest task is usually stacks of paper. The most important thing you need so that you can take care of papers on your desktop is a shelving system. To clean your entire desktop area fast, focus on these ten easy tips.

1. Food

Believe it or not, food is a major culprit in an unclean work area. Grease, crumbs, and the smell of a neglected coffee can be a problem Toss uneaten snacks, and clean up dishes and mugs.

2. Multiple Office Supplies

An overload of office supplies has become unnecessary. That is because we now have cloud storage. Streamline your office supplies to reduce clutter.

3. Dirt and Grime

Disinfecting your space regularly is essential. Just spray, swipe, and repeat. Keeping your desktop clutter-free will make this step easier to achieve. Keep disinfectant or cleaning wipes in a drawer for quick clean-ups.

4. Hardware

Don't let your computer and printer get dusty. A quick cleaning is far less expensive than new office equipment. Canned air is awesome for knocking away dust on your keyboard.

5. Cards and Decor

Greeting cards are thoughtful gifts, but they can cause clutter overtime. You don't want your workspace to end up looking like a museum.

6. Clothes

A scarf, sweater, or socks may accumulate in your work area. Perhaps there is more than one sweater on the back of your chair. Get rid of the extra stuff you don't need.

7. Dust

Give your desktop a regular wipe with a damp paper towel or cleaning wipe. Keeping down dust reduces allergens and extends the life of your computer.

8. Paper Clips

Paper clips can end up all over our desktops. Collect a handful to keep within reach, and store the rest out of sight.

9. Pens

Most people have about 20 pens, and only three of them work. Out of those three, there is one favorite. Toss the pens you've collected from hotels and doctors' offices. Only keep one or two favourites.

10. Paper

Paper is the biggest offender of all when it comes to clutter. Tackle piles of notes, receipts, and paper documents first. Take a moment to organize those items into separate piles. Trash paper copies of anything that's already on your computer.


How to declutter your desk space without throwing things away


If you're looking to declutter your desk space without throwing things away, there are several strategies you can use to keep your workspace organized and maximize productivity. Consider investing in tech accessories that help you keep cords and cables organized, like cable ties or a charging station. Choose an ergonomic office chair that provides proper support and helps improve posture. Position your work desk near a window to take advantage of natural light, which can help boost productivity and reduce eye strain. Use desk setup tips to create the perfect desk setup for your needs, like positioning your monitor screen at a 90-degree angle and keeping essentials within easy reach. By building the best desk setup for your needs, you can increase your productivity levels and make your home or remote work environment a more enjoyable place to be. The best way to declutter without having to throw things away is to have a designated place for everything. Your immediate workspace is like your cockpit. Everything that you need to operate should be within arms reach. The key is to keep only those needed items in the area. For example, a notebook, pen, coffee cup, or water bottle may all you need. Put everything else away or get rid of it. Drawers can be organized to help with this. You may even opt for additional small space storage solutions. Plastic drawer organizers can be a big help.



How to decorate your workspace and solve cable management issues


When it comes to decorating your workspace, it's important to consider both aesthetics and functionality, especially when dealing with cable management issues. Start by identifying the necessary tech equipment and where it needs to be placed. To keep cables organized, consider using cable ties or clips to route them to the same place. An ergonomic office chair and adjustable standing desk can also improve your posture and comfort while you work. Additionally, incorporating plants, desk lamps, and other accessories like a desk pad can improve the overall look and feel of your workspace. By creating a productive and visually appealing workspace, you can boost your productivity and reduce stress levels while you work from home or in an office setting. You likely sit at your office desk for most of the day. Although a minimalistic approach is best, you can still give your desk set up a personal touch. Bring in a small plant or two for some greenery. If you don't have a green thumb try a faux plant or two. You can use unique magnets or pushpins for notes and reminders. One idea is to color coordinate the few things you do decide to keep out. Of course, you will have that half-filled coffee mug out at all times. Make sure that it's stylish or unique—a huge selection of spill-proof mugs on the market. Perhaps try one with a monogram. Whatever you decide, make sure that it accents your workspace and helps you feel more productive.



How to organize an office desk for two and improve the workflow


When it comes to organizing an office desk for two people, communication is key. Before starting, make sure to discuss with your desk mate about what items are essential and which can be stored elsewhere. Maximize the space by using vertical organizers or shelves to keep everything within reach. Utilize desk accessories like trays, file holders, and pencil cups to keep items separate and easy to find. Label cords and cables to avoid confusion and store them in a designated area. Keep the desktop as clear as possible to allow for ample desk space. By creating an organized and productive desk setup, you and your desk mate can improve workflow and increase productivity. When organizing an office for two you have to be creative with the available space. Storage is even more important in a combined work space. Noise-cancelling headphones are essential when working in a shared space. Although each person needs a computer or laptop, printers and other electronics can be shared to maximize space.  Personal items should be kept to a minimum. Share photos on social media, not on your shared desktop. Keep some open desktop space. Position the things you need right next to your computer and near your dominant hand as with keeping any work-desk tidy, review papers and documents right away so they can move along. Digital space can be used to minimize paper. Project management software is an excellent resource for reviewing and attaching documents right from your computer.




Creating an ideal desk setup can have a significant impact on your productivity, whether you work from home or in an office. A minimalistic and organized desk with only the essential desk needs will help you stay focused and improve your workflow. Cables to the same place and around your desk will help declutter and free up desk space. An adjustable chair height and the ideal desk setup where your thighs are parallel to the ground can prevent strain on your back and neck. Finally, choosing an aesthetic and personalized setup will make your office or home office desk a pleasant and motivating space to work in.A messy workspace isn't proof of a person's productivity. Despite popular belief, it's no sign of genius either. Clutter hinders us from doing our best work. Even a cluster of unorganized cords and cables can be a distraction. The tips shared here can be used to help you stay focused and productive. The work environment is said to have a trickle-down effect on team collaboration and important projects. Make sure your desk set up is designed for your success.

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