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How to Design a Productive Desk?

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How do you design a productive desk? It might be surprising, but the state of your desk can be a factor in how much work you get done, or the quality of the work when you are finished.

Desks are also said to reflect the personalities of the people who use them; some people function better with a bit of clutter, but others need the surface to be spotless to stay inspired.

Whether you need a spotless desk or can handle a bit of clutter, you’ll find work to be easier when your workspace is cooperating. The desk doesn’t have to be perfect, but you should at least be able to reach the papers you need. This is what we call a functional desk.

There’s more to a functional desk than cleanliness. We hope these tips will help you.

How can I make my desk less cluttered?


Clutter is inevitable when you have work to do. As you go through your stacks of paper, you might find things you no longer need beginning piling on the side. Soon, books and office supplies join them, and you find yourself facing a mess you’re not sure how to clean.

To begin the process of decluttering, it’s a good idea to separate the things on your desk into piles. What do you need in the near future? Which books can go back on the shelf until a later time?

It’s easy to think we need all of our resources within arm’s reach while we are at our workspace. You’ll get your projects done faster when you only have the necessities in front of you. This will keep your desk organized.

What are the benefits of having an organized desk?

When I’ve had a messy desk, a thorough cleanup revealed things I didn’t owning. The surface of a person’s desk, when left unattended, can host countless piles of things we no longer need, such as receipts or correspondence.

An organized desk will help, because you know exactly where everything is. Your brain doesn’t have to overwork finding the necessary reports because everything is stacked on top, within reach. Organized desks prevent distraction from the things you are working on.

All it takes is some tactful office design.

What does a messy desk say about you?

Many office design experts claim that a messy desk reflects a creative mind. In some cases that might be true. However, more often it tells people that you have a lot of work and are not sure where to begin. They’ll be reluctant to trust you with any task, because they’ll wonder if you’ll find the time.

A messy desk can also tell people that you’re too busy to throw out the papers that you don’t need. It’s not a good impression of your work ethic, because if you can’t move on from one project, how will you be able to take up a new one?

Thankfully, there are office supplies and decorations that can help you keep things in order. They are inexpensive and make your day much easier with a productive desk.

How can I decorate my desk at work?

Look for the basic office decorations first—file cabinets, storage bins, and baskets. You can begin by discarding pens that no longer work and tossing out those receipts. Organize your folders in the order that works best for you; put them in a cabinet within your reach but out of the way.

Have a bookshelf nearby to keep the resources that you need close at hand. Then you won’t be overwhelmed by a large stack of literature looming over you on your desk.

You don’t have to make your desk look bland. Find decorations that reflect your personality. Put up photos of your favorite memories, and keep reminders of your achievements nearby to remind you that,even when your career seems most difficult, you are experienced, and you can handle all sorts of projects.


An organized desk can reflect a creative mind as much as a messy one. Organization means that a person is ready to take on the next challenge, setting aside smaller projects to get the big one done.

Don’t let your workspace become cluttered with pesky wires or computer cords; those can be unsightly and distracting. Try one of these to keep the wires out of the way while you’re at work.

If you naturally lean towards a messier desk, that’s fine. So long as you can get to the objects you need, there’s no problem. Organizing your desk can be fun, though; don’t be afraid to give it a try.

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