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Clever Ideas For Small Space Organization

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The tiny home movement has undeniably arrived—not just for minimalists looking to get back to basics, but for adventurers, families, and even 9-to-5ers. In fact, at least half of Americans now say they would at least consider living in a tiny house (defined as fewer than 600 square feet), according to a new report. Even if you’re not so sure the tiny life is for you, it sure is interesting to imagine how people seemingly like you could pare down their belongings and live what seems like the simpler life.

Whether you actually live in a tiny house though, OR it just feels like you do, getting a whole house organized can feel a bit intimidating.

But it doesn’t have to be – with a few small changes, you can tame that clutter in no time. So today we are sharing different tips and tricks for organizing your home, to make things just a little bit easier for all of us.

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When it comes to seeking out storage, go high whenever you can.


You may not have a ton of floor space, but usually there’s no shortage of vertical space.

Installing a simple set of brackets and a piece of plywood is an affordable and easy way to bring order to closets and living areas. Add cute boxes and baskets to hide winter clothes, unused toys, and guest linens.


 Can’t go high? Go low!


One of the easiest solutions for home organization is to add storage under your furniture, especially when it comes to bedroom organization ideas. 

But under the bed storage doesn’t necessarily mean those clear plastic bins you can pick up at Target or The Container Store (although those are great options if you want to keep things hidden). To up the aesthetics, try cool woven containers or wood crates instead of clear plastic bins, and you won’t even have to hide them away. 


Take advantage of that wall space.

 Hang some of your favorite items on the walls instead of taking up valuable closet or floor space.

Still not quite right? What about this hanging wall organizer made of canvas? It’s durable AND cute! Plus, you can use it in so many different ways – in your office or craft space to organize supplies, in an entryway for mail and keys, even in your closet for shoes and accessories.

Head over the bed.


Most of the space over the bed is reserved for headboards and artwork, but what about shelving? Or maybe even a headboard that is also shelving?!

Create a cool headboard to keep all your bedtime reading more organized, like these dramatic floor to ceiling built-ins. So pretty, right? And I love the color too.


 Maximize unexpected spaces.


One of the most overlooked places for added storage is the back of the door and the side of the fridge. Adding hanging shelves or towel racks, etc to these areas can help cut down on clutter, especially in the smallest of spaces. 

And honestly, they make some really good looking options now.


 Mix hidden storage with open storage.


Try combining storage with doors along with open shelving, so you can hide the practical stuff, but not loose character in your space.


Pro organizer tip: One of the keys to success when it comes to small space organizing, is keeping the stuff you use most often in the easiest place to get to. A good spot for things you use all the time might be the shelf behind those closed doors that’s at you eyeline. OR it might be the baskets underneath that you can quickly pop in and out.


 Stick with small footprints.


If you’re going to use some of that precious floor space, keep it as small and tall as possible.

Blanket ladders, like this one spotted on Homey Oh My , have grown in popularity over the years.

Why are blanket ladders so popular? My guess is it’s because they don’t require much space and are a great way to display your favorite textiles. They’re also a good solution for the closet clothes that tend to land on the bedroom floor. 


Separate rooms into zones.


Often times in a small space, one room has to serve many purposes. Rather than just throwing everything together, I like to create "zones" within the room to separate the spaces, define their function, and make it easier to keep them organized.

Maximize unexpected spaces


Behind the doors and the side of the fridge are two of the most overlooked storage solutions for small spaces. We have over-the-door racks on almost every door in the house for storing things like jackets, jewelry, and towels. Utilize the side of your fridge with magnetic racks for spices and other kitchen utensils. We don’t use paper towels, but if you do, you can find a rack that easily sticks to the side of the fridge and clears up counter space.




Organization is a challenge for most of us, but doing it in less than 600—often way less—square feet? Now that requires some ingenuity. These tiny house owners have plenty of advice for keeping small spaces tidy and organized, giving shout-outs to some of their favorite life-saving products as well. Get ready to streamline your own (likely not-as) tight spaces with their tips

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