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Handle Clutter in Your Home

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Clutter has a way of disorienting the mind when the entire home is cluttered. The feeling of crowding begins the more clutter increases. 

If individuals look deeply into how the clutter begins, it is usually attributable to procrastination or a too busy schedule. Yet, handling clutter in your home can become more embedded and result in the feeling of accomplishment and also the realization of more space and freedom within your home environment. There are several habits worth developing that help implement a decluttering program like avoiding procrastination and sentimentality.

How Long Does It Take to Declutter a House?

The answer to this question depends on the volume of clutter. To declutter a bedroom takes far less time than an attic, basement or garage that has been used as a handy storage space.

Decluttering the entire house can take two or more days depending on the volume of clutter. It should start with a plan of action that differentiates between decluttering and cleaning. Also, choose between items that no longer have use and those that are still in use. If something has not been worn or used for more than three years, it is time to dispose of it.

To declutter home areas fully begin with closets. Remove apparel that has not been worn and may be out of style including hats, gloves and shoes.

Decide which large items around the house take up too much space. These can be sold at a garage sale or to a second hand shop.

Then, go through smaller items and bric-a-brac and decide which to keep for sentimental value and which no longer compliment the style of your home. To declutter home areas should take no more than a day to complete.

Once you remove excess from closets and large and small items that take up space or are no longer used, it is time for whole house cleaning. There is a very strategic way to clean the entire house in a day. Prepare for cleaning by removing and shaking out small throw rugs if applicable.

Remove sheets and pillow cases and replace with fresh linens. Launder any items that are soiled or need to be refreshed.

Clean top down by dusting first. That way cobwebs and dust fall to the floor and will be removed with a vacuum.

Use a duster with an extension pole for ceilings and corners of walls, light fixtures and areas above windows and window wells in every room. Next, dust tables, lamps and bric-a-brac in each room. If needed, polish furniture for a fresher look.

Tackle scrubbing bathrooms next. It is a good idea to add toilet bowl cleaner and give it a swish with a brush and let stand before you scour sinks, tub and shower areas. That way any toilet bowl residue remaining will flush away easily.

How Do You Clean Your House Like a Pro?

Professionals make short work of house cleaning by a methodical approach. So dusting is first, polishing and scrubbing second and vacuuming and mopping last. With this method, it is easier to do whole areas of the entire house in less time.

When you begin decluttering, organize as you declutter. For example, when you are removing apparel from closets, organize skirts, shirts, shoes and accessories in a neat order.

Don't forget to organize electrical cords and wires by detangling them. Cable sleeves and cable covers are excellent for organizing cords and wires and give a neater appearance to each room.

After decluttering large and small items, give each room a visual inspection and place things in order so there is visual balance.


One very important way to avoid future clutter is to make a habit of getting rid of five things every week you don't need or no longer use.

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