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Tips For Decorating A Beautiful Bedroom 

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You spend nearly a third of your life in your bedroom; sleeping, lounging, recreational activities, and other pleasurable memories live in this warm and cozy space. Many people desire to upgrade their bedroom decor at some point and make it more inviting and comfortable.  


Studies show that having a beautiful and organized room contributes to more restful sleep. The ambience that you create in this most relaxing of rooms will be how you shake off the stress of the day and how you invite restoration and release into your experience, no matter how you choose to spend your bedroom time.


Creating the optimal bedroom with stellar home decor


Your personal getaway, your sanctuary, should reflect your personal taste and communicate a feeling of rest and relaxation. Although many people know how they would like to feel when retiring for the evening, few know how to bring in elements of home decor to make it feel like a private oasis. Not to worry; we have the tips and tricks to organize your space and make it just what you have dreamed of. Read on to see how you can decorate your bedroom and drift off to dreamland:


Choose a subtle color


Your bedroom color should be something that you like looking at; you're going to be getting a fair amount of viewing time as you are drifting off and waking up each morning. Steer clear of vibrant and primary colors, as they have a tendency to stimulate the brain and make it difficult to relax and unwind. Gentle hues of lavender, sage, or periwinkle are easy on the eyes, and soft jewel tones communicate opulence and cozy warmth. If your favorite color happens to be orange, consider muting it with a tangerine or a melon instead of your normally vibrant choice, and look forward to all of the time you'll be spending in your favorite space.


Don't forget your ceiling!


Consider your ceiling your fifth wall in the bedroom; it's one that you will view while lying in bed, so it should tie everything together. Choosing a shade or two lighter than your wall color, or adding a soft pattern to your ceiling, will bring the whole look of your room together and create a finished feel. Consider the addition of a pleasing or opulent light fixture to elevate your decor.


Keep it simple


You don't want too much stimulation at the end of a long day; keep your bedroom furnishings simple, sleek, and elegant. Furniture should flow well; leave space for dressing and moving around, and create a cozy sitting area if you have space so that you can separate work from rest. Refrain from using any part of your bedroom as a makeshift storage space, as it can throw off the restful vibe you are trying to create.


Leave yourself plenty of storage space


Nothing feels more chaotic and disorganized than piles of clothing, personal effects, and other items strewn about your bedroom. Organize your space, and put only what you need in your bedroom. This is the perfect time to shape all aspects of your room up; if you have electronics, zip up those cords and tuck them away where they won't be a hazard. Too many clothes? Now is the perfect time to pare down and begin to organize your closet the way you always should have. An organized room becomes an oasis, somewhere that feels good to spend time. Take the time to organize and strategically place furniture from the start of your project, and you'll be proud of the space you create.


Indulge in the best linens


There is a reason that royalty sleeps on Egyptian cotton, 400-thread count sheets. They are simply the best! Others may choose silk or satin to revel in softness against their skin. The more comfortable and inviting you can make your bed, the more likely you are to get some consistent, good sleep. While you're at it, pick a comforter or bedspread that is pleasing to look at and ties in other colors from around the room. This polished presentation will be something you look forward to at the end of your day. 


Choose quality window coverings


If you are someone who wakes at the first sliver of light appearing through the window, invest in some light-blocking window coverings to help you sleep deeply. Pair a beautiful sheer curtain with an opaque, light-blocking shade to provide you with light and darkness, according to your needs. Saturday sleep-ins just got a bit easier with the right type of window coverings!


Include several options for lighting


In addition to ambient light for dressing, include a number of smaller, more intimate lighting options for ease of use and comfort. Bedside table lamps, reading lamps, and other cozy lighting options will provide just the right amount of light according to your bedroom activities. Wall sconces are also a wonderful way to provide additional light and opulence and to dress up an otherwise boring wall.  


Go easy on the art, but choose well


A few well-placed pieces of art that reflect your personal style and preferences will do wonders to tie the room together. Pieces that have an intimate feel, ones that complement your use of color, will give your space additional elegance and beauty that helps to create that "oasis" feeling. Also acceptable in a bedroom space are pictures of loved ones and friends, provided they can be organized in a way that feels non-cluttered and chaotic. Surround yourself with what you love, and you'll be well on your way to creating the perfect space for you.


Provide some greenery


Adding a touch of greenery with well chosen plants is great way to personalize your space and make it come alive. Plants have additional benefits when placed near your bed, including:

  • They help you to sleep better
  • They are relaxing and calming
  • They naturally purify the air
  • They are able to neutralize odors
  • They help balance humidity


Not only that, they are beautiful to look at. Perfect plant ideas for bedroom decor include lavender, ivy, spider plants, peace lilies, and cactus. Get creative and create a mini garden on which to meditate as you spend time in your perfect space.


Nighty night!


Now that you've created the perfect space, it's time to rest in your oasis. Relax, refresh, and rejuvenate in your new bedroom; sweet dreams!

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