• Aug 13, 2021

Innovative Tech for Home Renovation: 2023 Interior Design Guide

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If you plan to renovate your home, you can consider innovative solutions to make it more beautiful, comfortable, and practical. Digital technologies are being used worldwide, and you can make your home digitally inclined without spending a lot. It means using intelligent home upgrades.

Expect more practical houses with intuitive home functions, more valuable homes, and enhanced security, suitable for your on-the-go and fast-paced lifestyle. Whether you are retiring or want to relax and enjoy a good time at home, the innovative residence can provide you with world-class services. Imagine managing your house when you are working or traveling abroad.

Customize your living space on your next house renovation project to upgrade it, so you can take advantage of what whole-home automation or smart home tech can bring.

Why add innovative home features in your new house

Adding innovative home features to your new house can greatly enhance its overall appeal and functionality. Incorporating unique design elements and features can give your home a sleek and modern look, making it stand out from the rest. Consider adding a wall-mounted home office or an all-in-one fixture that combines a desk, bookcase, and extra storage space. If you love entertaining at home, a floor lamp with a built-in aquarium or a see-through refrigerator can be excellent additions that create a wow factor. For fitness enthusiasts, a foldable gym or a gym closet with all the necessary equipment can provide a convenient space to stay active. Open-plan living areas with sliding doors and ample natural light make the space feel more open and inviting. Smart home features, such as a connected heating system or a router that connects to your phone, offer convenience and energy efficiency. Additionally, incorporating high-end showers, low-maintenance kitchen gadgets, and fun games in every room can elevate your living experience. By adding innovative features to your new house, you can create a unique and personalized space that caters to your lifestyle and makes coming home a delightful experience.

Whether you are planning a house renovation or are already into it, consider incorporating innovative home technology and automation into your project. Let’s see how intelligent homes can enhance the homeowner experience with additional control, protection, and convenience.

Ease the repairs

You may be surprised to find that turning your house into a smart home does not require significant repairs. Compared with renovating a bathroom or kitchen, it is cheap and easy. Many innovative home components are also wireless, so complicated rewiring is not a problem.

Market demand

It is always wise to consider the resale value when renovating a home. Adding innovative home features will help meet the needs of the buyer. Home automation is one of the top three home system upgrades for reformers in 2016. Surprisingly, surveys found 61% of millennial buyers choose to buy smart homes versus one without them.


After experiencing the benefits of a smart home, you may be wondering how to do without it. There are several ways smart homes can simplify and simplify your life, whether you control the temperature or light with your voice, close the doors from another state on your vacation, or even see who is in front of your house door.

Seven intelligent home renovation interior design ideas for small spaces

When it comes to intelligent home renovation and interior design ideas for small spaces, there are numerous options to maximize functionality and create a beautiful and efficient home. Consider adding built-in storage solutions around your home to make the most of every available inch. From hidden cabinets and shelves to multi-functional furniture, these additions can help declutter your space and provide ample storage without compromising on style. Another excellent idea for small spaces is to incorporate unique lighting fixtures that add a touch of charm and create a warm and inviting atmosphere. From pendant lights to wall sconces, thoughtful lighting choices can make your room feel larger and more open. Creating the illusion of more space can be achieved by using mirrors strategically and opting for light, neutral colors. Open-plan layouts are becoming more popular, as they allow for better flow and the opportunity to make a feature out of limited space. Additionally, multi-purpose furniture, such as foldable tables or convertible sofas, can serve different functions and save precious floor space. Making a comeback are cozy nooks and reading corners, providing a place to relax and unwind away from the hustle and bustle of the main living areas. By incorporating these intelligent design ideas, you can transform your small space into a functional and stylish home that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.


Innovative home technology can differentiate your house from other options in the real estate market and potentially increase the value of your property.

Take advantage of your next major repair and consider incorporating these seven bright home things into your living space.

  1. Smart thermostats

Smart thermostats are an excellent upgrade for your heating and cooling system, but by installing additional temperature sensors, these devices can significantly improve your home’s efficiency. When renovating your home, you can connect the sensor directly to the smart thermostat to automatically adjust the temperature of each room. Few smart thermostats have sensor functionality and are also integrated with Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant. It allows you to easily activate your voice and access many functional Alexa skills. Thermostats such as Control4, developed in collaboration with Aprilaire, provide voice control via Alexa with additional control over humidity, forced air, dual fuel, and geothermal.

  1. Installation of built-in speakers

Built-in speakers and audio equipment take up a lot of space. Cables are not aesthetically pleasing and will spoil the aesthetic appearance of the house, especially in a simple living room. There is a custom speaker system that can be directly integrated into the house’s structure. Here is an example:

  • Audio equipment installed on bookshelves and other furniture
  • Built-in speakers can be directly installed on the wall or ceiling
  • Install built-in speakers on terraces and other areas of outdoor living spaces
  1. Upgrade your electrical system

Traditional houses need to be rewired. Home remodeling is the perfect time to upgrade your electrical system. Most gadgets and some devices have a USB output, so installing a power outlet with a built-in USB port is recommended. The advantages of installing a USB socket are:

  • Quickly recharge your smartphone or tablet. Eliminate commonly used unsightly bricks.
  • You can also invest in a 4.8A USB socket to charge large devices and ensure compliance with safety standards.
  1. Motion sensors and innovative security options

It is still possible to perform this operation in a home that does not require repairs or upgrades. Still, it is much easier to automate home security during the renovation process. In addition to sensors for movement, door and window entry, broken glass, smoke and carbon monoxide, and flooding, these sensors can also be individually integrated into automation systems and customized for the unique layout of the house. When you connect the alarm panel to the home automation system, if any door and window are accessed, you will receive an alarm on your mobile device, immediately turn on all the lights in the house, or repeatedly flash to alert your neighbors.

  1. Home security cameras

When away from home, you can access and monitor doorbell cameras, peripheral cameras, and indoor cameras from your phone. Discrete camouflage of the security cameras in the entrance corridors and the busiest areas of the house allows you to protect the home and interior objects without disturbing friends and family. Doorbell cameras are discreet and less invasive, making it easier to install the camera when upgrading the door. The panels can be customized for your home, and most devices are wired, so you do not have to replace batteries. If you decide to add one, there are even many wireless options available in the market.

  1. Energy management systems

When remodeling a house, you should also consider installing an energy management system to track your energy costs. For instance, some systems turn off the power when the device is not in use. Therefore, you will save a lot due to reduced electricity bills. In addition, you can choose an application that can monitor renewable energy consumption. For example, if solar panels are installed, the system will tell you how much solar energy is stored and how long you will use it.

  1. Cleaning technologies

If you want to keep your toilet always clean, you can use the new automated system to perform self-cleaning. Occasionally, leaks can flood your home or make parts of the floor slippery. There is a new automated system to prevent such confusion by detecting leaks and shutting down the system. Some vacuum cleaning robots can clean automatically when the floor is turned on.


If you want to refurbish using innovative technology, please follow the simple suggestions that make it personal. If you try to copy what your friend did, you may end up with things you do not need or use. Instead, consider ways to use technology to make your life safer and more accessible. Personalize your decision, and you can quickly build the smart home of your dreams.

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