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Super Useful DIY Desk Decor Ideas

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Since we're all returning to workspaces in office settings and some newer places still, we're all bound to be feeling a bit homesick since we're now accustomed to working in our own home offices or even our lounges. There are ways to make your office space feel more homey and goes beyond simple desk accessories - although they do factor in. So, keep on reading for super useful DIY desk decor ideas to make your office and your desk feel more like home.

How Can I Decorate My Work Office?

Depending on what kind of office environment you work in depends on what you can get away with. Some bosses and colleagues don't mind you decorating your area with touches of home but there's a middle line to everything so be careful about what you choose because you don't want to cause offense - unintended or otherwise - nor do you want to distract your fellow workers, especially if you're working in an open plan office.

The best place to start with decorating your office is by decorating your desk with desk accessories. That doesn't mean buy all the novelty knicknacks you can and annoy your co-workers in the process (or entertain them as the case may be), but personalize it so it's a little slice of home away from home. Here's how to do that:

How Can I Make My Desk More Homey?

Your home is your life and it's no surprise you want to bring a little of that comfort with you when you go to work everyday. Home is where your personality comes out in full force but you don't want to come on too strong in a work environment unless you want to raise a few eyebrows, so try to be subtle here.

When you think of home, what do you think of most? Your CD collection? Your family photos? Your epic collection of many flavoured teas? Whatever it is, try to replicate that on your desk while not going too over the top since space is likely limited. If you want to get really personal and spend lots of time away from home then consider sprucing it up with pictures of your home, friends and family to take your home sickness down a notch.

How Can I Make My Desk Productive?

The thing about making your office space more homey with desk accessories while priming it for productivity means being subtle in your choices. You don't want anything that's too distracting with bright colours or noises, so when you make your choice be mindful of the things you find distracting and remove them or don't use them as desk accessories.

One way of priming your desk for productivity is to get everything to hand and arrange it as neatly as you can on your desk without cluttering the surface because clutter is both stress inducing and distracting at the same time. This is where you're going to need to learn the art of prioritization. Do you need your sweet jar on the table or can that space be better used for the stapler you know you lose in your drawer but need regularly? Or can you replace that box of stashed desk treats with a file you need for reference when handling calls? It's up to you what you choose but work smarter, not harder.

What Can I Decorate My Office Desk With?

As mentioned above, there are many ways you can decorate your office desk, particularly with desk accessories, but before you do you'll need to know the basic rules of what is and is not allowed within the workplace. If you have strict rules for what is and is not allowed, stick with personalized stationary that reminds you of home. If you can go further than that then bring in sentimental items (not too sentimental in case they get damaged) and go about decorating your desk with them.

Now that you're back in the office you may be missing home more than what you could have really conceived of in times gone by but with a little attention and thoughtful strategy, you can decorate your desk and your office to keep a touch of home by your side and in your heart.

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