• Dec 09, 2020

Boost Productivity: Organized and Productive Office Desk Essentials

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You spend a great deal of your waking hours at your desk. Enough that it should be a pleasant space to be. For positive and productive vibes, you should make your desk look nice. So how do you do that? By organizing your space and using simple touches that bring some easiness and joy to your work space.

That sounds simple, but doesn’t give you much to go on. Let’s dive more into how to quickly make your desk space a nice space a place you want to be.

How can I make my desk productive with essential office supplies?

If you're looking for the best way to keep your workspace tidy and keep you organized, desk essentials are a must-have. With these essential items, you can make your desk look better and keep everything you need within arm's reach. Here are some of the must-have desk essentials that you'll love to add to your desk setup.

First and foremost, a black adjustable lamp is an essential item that you need in your room. Not only does it provide the necessary brightness for writing or typing, but it also helps reduce eye strain during long periods of time. A desk organizer with a USB port is another essential item that you need to keep important documents and papers right on your desk. With a USB port, you can charge your phone and keep it within reach.

A planner is also an important item to keep track of your daily to-do list and schedule. You can place it on a shelf or use a desk planner holder to keep it within easy reach. A keyboard and mouse are also essential items for your desk setup, along with a wireless mouse pad to help you work efficiently.

If you're a teacher or a student, an adjustable seat cushion and a wrist rest are extremely important to help you stay comfortable for hours a day. A headphone with noise-cancelling features can also boost your productivity by keeping distractions at bay.

A built-in phone stand with a USB port on the base is a great way to keep your phone charged and within reach. An iPad or tablet holder is another cute way to store your device without taking up too much space on your desk.

A weekly planner and reusable sticky notes are also helpful tools to keep you organized and on track. An environmentally friendly notebook and pen are perfect for writing down important notes and ideas.

Lastly, an ergonomic desk setup is extremely important for your health and well-being. An adjustable standing desk assembly with easy-to-follow instruction is a great option to keep you energized and productive throughout the day. A bookshelf is also a good way to keep important papers and books organized.

In conclusion, having a fully equipped and organized workspace is essential for productivity and success. With these essential desk supplies, you can make your desk look sleek and tidy while staying productive and on top of your tasks. So, keep your desk fully equipped and enjoy a boost in productivity and work efficiency.

You’re in the flow. You’re answering calls, responding to emails, adding important information to those documents your boss sent over--and then all of a sudden you can’t find that one post-it note your colleague gave you the other day with the numbers you need.

Or you can’t find your pen.

Or in the middle of a call, you accidentally tug on one cord and now everything has shifted across your whole desk and everything is in disarray.

It’s easy to discount your desk space as just a place you work, but it actually heavily affects your productivity when you are working in an environment that isn’t congruent to productivity.


You need to get organized! Computer desk accessory ideas

Whether you're working, gaming, or just browsing the web, having a clutter-free desk can make all the difference in how you feel and how productive you are. If you're struggling to stay organized and keep your desk tidy, it might be time to invest in some essential computer desk accessories. Here are some ideas to help you make the most of your workspace.

First and foremost, a laptop stand or a screen riser is a great way to elevate your laptop or screen to the right height for better ergonomics. This not only helps reduce strain on your neck and back but also makes you feel more comfortable and focused on your work. A gaming mouse pad with a sleek design is also a great accessory to have for gamers or anyone who spends long hours at their desk.

If you're looking for ways to stay organized and keep your workspace tidy, there are plenty of options. A lumbar support cushion or a seat cushion can help you stay comfortable and prevent back pain during long periods of sitting. You can also get a newsletter or document holder to keep important papers and documents within reach without taking up too much space on your desk.

Another useful accessory to consider is a space-saving desk organizer or drawer. This can help you keep your desk clutter-free while still being able to keep all of your essentials within easy reach. A sleek design monitor stand or desk shelf can also help you create more space without sacrificing style.

In terms of storage, there are a variety of options to choose from. You can get a desk drawer or organizer to store all of your office supplies and keep them out of sight, or you can invest in a bookshelf or storage tower to keep everything organized and within reach. The key is to find a storage solution that is able to keep everything you need, but not so much that it creates more clutter.

In conclusion, getting organized is crucial to staying productive and focused at your computer desk. With these essential accessories, you can make the most of your space and keep everything you need within reach. So, take some time to evaluate your workspace and invest in the accessories that will help you stay organized and productive.

This is a common enough problem that there have been many products made to make this easy for you, so let's look at what you have on your desk and how you can best organize it. 

Do you have a lot of pens? Consider a colorful coffee mug or a pen pot to tuck them away.

If you have pens and other small objects, you can find organizers specifically meant to hold a miscellaneous assortment of tiny objects, including pens, paper clips, post-it notes, and everything else that accumulates throughout your days.

Do you have a lot of papers? Pick up a tray for paper and it will all stay in its designated corner of your space. You'll feel a lot more relaxed once you don't have to worry about papers spilling off your desk or ending up under a wet coffee mug.

Don't underestimate the power of under desk storage! You can stick a small set of drawers in one corner for all those objects you don't need regularly but do need to keep around. This is great because it saves you desktop space and keeps your desk from seeming cluttered. Too much clutter can feel claustrophobic.

What can I add to make my home office desk fun? 

Working from home can be challenging, especially if you're spending long hours at your desk. But that doesn't mean your workspace has to be dull and boring. In fact, adding a few fun and functional accessories to your home office desk can make a world of difference in how you feel and how productive you are. Here are some ideas to help you make your home office desk a more enjoyable place to be.

One thing you can do to add some fun to your home office desk is to incorporate some vibrant colors or patterns. For example, a colorful desk pad or a fun pencil holder can brighten up your workspace and make it feel more inviting. Another way to add some personality to your desk is to choose accessories that reflect your interests or hobbies. If you're a music lover, a mini guitar or a set of headphones on a stand can be a great addition to your desk.

When it comes to storage, you want to make sure you have enough space to store all of your essentials, but without sacrificing style. Consider getting a desk organizer that is both functional and visually appealing. A storage tower or file cabinet can also provide enough storage space to keep your desk tidy and clutter-free. But don't forget to add some decorative elements such as a small plant or a favorite framed picture to personalize your space.

If you want to add some fun and functionality to your home office desk, you might want to consider some tech accessories. For instance, a wireless charging pad can keep your phone powered up and within reach while you work. Or, a fun USB hub shaped like a robot or animal can keep all of your devices connected and organized.

Finally, don't forget to take breaks and give yourself some time to relax during the workday. You might want to keep a puzzle or a stress ball within reach to give yourself a quick mental break. And if you have enough space on your desk, consider adding a mini basketball hoop or a dartboard to provide a fun distraction when you need a quick break from work.

In conclusion, making your home office desk more fun doesn't have to be difficult. With a few simple additions, you can create a workspace that is both functional and enjoyable to be in. So, whether you add some colorful accessories, tech gadgets, or some fun distractions, make sure your home office desk is enough to store all your essentials and enjoyable at the same time.

Small personal touches can make your desk a fun place to be that feels more relaxed. This will be individual to you. A good rule is to have one item that isn’t “productive” except to be fun. Too many objects will feel cluttered. A lot of people choose something alive for this. A cactus, a succulent, or flowers are a good choice. Nature is calming and adds a bit of color.

You should also find something that makes you smile to add to your desk. This can be your one object that serves no purpose, but can also be something like a silly coffee mug, a stapler shaped like a dog, or anything else that makes you smile when you see it. Don’t over think this. Go with your gut.

How do you organize wires at work? Storage ideas and desk essentials

In today's digital age, we rely heavily on technology to do our work. As a result, we have a lot of wires and cords cluttering up our desks. Having a mess of wires on your desk not only looks bad but also poses a safety risk. So, how do you organize wires at work? Here are some storage ideas and desk essentials to help you keep your workspace tidy and safe.

The first step to organizing wires is to invest in some cable management accessories. There are many options available, such as cable clips, cable ties, and cable sleeves. Cable clips attach to the edge of your desk and keep wires in place. Cable ties and sleeves wrap around cords to keep them together and prevent tangling. These simple accessories can make a big difference in keeping your wires organized.

Another way to organize wires is to use a desk organizer with designated spaces for wires and cords. Some desk organizers come with built-in wire holders that allow you to store your wires out of sight. Others have cable management trays that can hold power strips and surge protectors. This not only keeps wires out of the way but also prevents them from becoming tangled and potentially causing a safety hazard.

If you have a lot of wires to organize, consider using a wire shelf. This can be mounted under your desk and provides ample storage space for power strips, chargers, and other electronic accessories. This also frees up valuable desk space and gives your workspace a cleaner, more professional look.

In addition to cable management accessories, there are other desk essentials that can help you organize your wires. A power strip with multiple outlets can reduce the number of cords you have to deal with. A wireless charging pad can also eliminate the need for cords altogether. Another essential item is a USB hub with multiple ports, which allows you to connect multiple devices without having to use separate cords for each.

In conclusion, organizing wires at work is important for both safety and aesthetics. By using cable management accessories, desk organizers, wire shelves, and other desk essentials, you can keep your workspace tidy and safe. Whether you're working from home or in the office, there are many options available to help you organize your wires and create a more efficient workspace. So, don't let your wires get in the way of your work, invest in some cable management solutions and enjoy a clutter-free desk.

It's almost a guarantee that you have cords to deal with. For your computer, your headset, your phone charger, your printer, and anything else you need to plug in. In the modern age, dealing with cords as clutter has become a major problem. Pick up some easy to use cable clips to keep your desk organized and avoid ever having a yanked cord destroy your work space again.

How do you use round cable clips? Organizer for messy cables

Round cable clips are a simple and effective way to organize messy cables. These small clips are designed to keep wires and cords in place and prevent them from tangling or getting in the way. Using round cable clips is easy and can be done in just a few simple steps.

To use round cable clips, start by identifying the area where you want to organize your cables. You can use these clips on your desk, behind your TV or computer, or anywhere else you have cords and wires. Next, clean the surface where you plan to attach the clips to ensure a strong grip.

Then, peel off the adhesive backing from the round cable clip and firmly press it onto the surface. Make sure to place the clip at a suitable distance from the other clips to avoid tangling of cords. Once the clips are in place, insert your cables and wires into the clips. The round shape of the clip helps to keep the cables in place, preventing them from falling out or getting tangled.

Using round cable clips is an easy and affordable way to organize messy cables and keep your workspace tidy. These clips can be used for a variety of cables, including charging cords, computer cables, and entertainment system wires. By using round cable clips, you can ensure that your cables are neatly organized and easily accessible when you need them.

The best cable clips make this really easy. While there are a lot of solutions out there, the best ones are made with a foamed rubber instead of a hard plastic. This makes it so you can easily pull back the clip to add the wire or pull it out, while still keeping it firmly in place when you’re going about your day. 

The best round cable clips will also be peel and stick. All you’ll need to do is pull a paper off the back of the clip, stick it to any clean surface, and then gently place your cord inside. With only a few seconds, you’ve organized your desk!


For a productive work space you actually feel comfortable working in, you need to be organized and add a little bit of fun to your space. This will relieve stress and also feel more at home for you. 

One of the first things everyone will need to do is organize their cords. This cable clip organizer solution is one of the best out there if you want something easy to use that’s also small enough to keep things out of sight.

Once you’re organized and have a space that feels comfortable for you, you’ll be on your way to a more productive work day.


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