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How to Get Organized When You Live in a Small House

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Small homes are magnets for clutter. It makes sense, of course - there's less room for storage, but your needs don't simply diminish because of your available floor space. It can get incredibly easy to let things slide, but that's not your only choice. You can, in fact, get organized even if you have a smaller home.

Getting organized is really a matter of looking at the space you have available and learning how to maximize it. The downside of a small space is that you don't just get to go with the defaults - there's never going to be enough closets or garage space to squeeze in your extra stuff. Instead, you'll want to stop and think about how you can use a few pieces of decor and a lot of cleverness to create a more organized space.

How can I make my room neat and organized?

The key to making sure that your room is neat and organized is ensuring that everything has a place. If you can start with the proposition that everything in your room belongs somewhere, it becomes much easier to avoid letting your room spiral out of control. This often means investing in storage bins, hooks, and even tools, but creating these organizational spaces can help you to make more out of any room.

How do you organize your room when it's small

Yes, it's definitely harder to organize a room when it is small. Fortunately, an organized room is still possible as long as you are willing to use every bit of the space that is available to you.

It's generally a good idea to start looking at your walls as part of your organizational process. Hanging shelves, using organizers, and even having hooks available for the big things can make your life easier. It's also a useful idea to use the space under items - a few tubs under your bed can really work wonders for keeping your room looking tidy.

What is the fastest way to organize and clean your room?

The fastest way to clean out and organize a room is to look at your room as a combination of spaces rather than one large space. Start by removing all of the items that don't belong in your room and then tackle one zone at a time. Make sure to put every item back in the place that it belongs and then address new items that don't have a place. If you're diligent, you'll be able to get your room cleaned up in no time.

How do you organize a messy bedroom?

Organizing a messy space involves creating a game plan. Your first step is to determine what belongs in the bedroom. If there is garbage or items that belong elsewhere, remove those items. Your next step is to figure out how you use the space. Organize your area around the spots that you use the most, relegating those areas that see less use to storage. Finally, make sure that you invest in storage containers to put items that don't have a place - this will reduce clutter and help your room to feel a little bit more livable.


If you want to get organized in a small house, you have to learn how to tackle things one room at a time. An organized room really is a product of intentional design and space maximization, so use the tools that are available to create a more organized space. With some effort, you'll find that your small space has a great deal of potential.

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    These ideas are going to work great in my new Tiny Blox home from Great space saving ideas here, thanks!

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