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Mistakes That You Should Avoid When You Start Working From Home

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Work from home is a term for work done outside the traditional office, in places such as an employee's home or a coffee shop. Working from home can be a more comfortable environment than working in an office environment. It can also be less stressful and more productive, and it saves money on transportation and childcare costs. So what are some mistakes that person who works from home should avoid?

1. Not following work policies

Just like going to the office for work requires employees to be disciplined and remain committed to their work responsibilities, working from home also requires the same.

However, many employees start treating work from home as a paid holiday and think there is no one to monitor them.

They might log in on their systems late and take as many breaks as possible.

It becomes a habit to spend more time on unproductive things during work hours like watching a new series on Netflix or chatting with a friend.

Try not doing all this and stick to your workplace policies to deliver a great performance.

2. Not setting up a dedicated workspace

Working from home is not an easy task for everyone, especially with kids around.

Therefore, it is imperative to set up a quiet workspace that is free from any major distractions at home like kids or TV.

Employees working from home should follow a clean desk policy to stay more productive.

Avoid eating and drinking near your workspace and keep kids away from your laptop.

3. Not keeping a track of your work

For many employees, it becomes extremely difficult to keep a track of their work, and hence, monitor productivity.

This leads to delayed deadlines, procrastination of work or poor work performance.

To save yourself from these mistakes, keep a track of your work and monitor it at the end of the day.

Maintaining a ‘To-Do List’ helps you easily prioritize your work and stay productive.

4. Not monitoring breaks

One of the first thoughts that comes to the minds of some employees about working from home is that they have the full freedom to work according to their wishes and slack off.

Yes, you have certain relaxations of working at home such as no travel, but remote working attracts more eyeballs from your superiors.

They might continuously monitor your login details, emails and ask for more video or audio catchups.

Therefore, it is important to keep a watch on the frequency of your breaks and be responsible.

5. Not maintaining work-life balance

Work from home does not always create a favorable situation and might overload you with more work.

With the time saved on traveling now, your manager could expect you to work more and stay connected with them during late hours!

Remember, it is also important to take breaks to maintain your productivity at work.

Maintaining a perfect work-life balance is what you should aim to achieve.

While a typical day ends and you have delivered the work required for the day, enjoy your time with your family and step away from checking regular office mails.

Everything is important- whether work or family!

6. Not setting a boundary to manage distractions

It is vital to understand that you should not mix your professional and personal life while working from home.

Dedicate your work hours completely to your office work and avoid any distractions.

Of course, you can take breaks and utilize that time to do important chores, but it is important to keep a watch on the frequency of your breaks.

7. Not communicating with teammates

While working from home, employees keep their work from home challenges to themselves.

Stay in touch with your teammates through small talks and share individual successes at work to stay excited at work and on track.

This also helps you to build rapport with your remote teammates and stay connected.

8. Not taking care of your health

By sitting for hours and working at home can be unhealthy for your body.

Take out 15 minutes to take a short stroll to keep yourself active. Eat healthy food, exercise and stay fit.

Remote work can be extremely productive and exciting, provided you are on the right track.

Stay safe, stay productive!

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