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Can A Messy House Cause Anxiety?

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 Having a messy house can cause anxiety through distraction and bombardment of the senses with extra stimuli. It can also cause anxiety by making you feel guilty about not getting to the mess and feeling like your work isn't done. Both of these reasons make it difficult for some people to relax in a messy space, which in turn makes them anxious. Using a few home organization hacks can help you get back on track.

Why are people so disorganized?

There are a few different reasons why people are disorganized. One is that you've never been taught organization skills. Being organized is definitely a skill. It involves time management and prioritizing. Another reason for being disorganized is if you have ADHD. A key component of ADHD is being easily distracted. Distraction makes it difficult to be organized. When it comes to external clutter, being often disorganized also involves pack rat syndrome. This is a condition where people find it impossible to throw away minutiae. They convince themselves that they may need it for something else, thus stashing it away. Another problem is procrastination. If you hate looking through your mail, you're more likely to let it pile up.


How do I get in the mood to clean?

If you want to clean your house and get rid of the anxiety, it's causing, but you also hate cleaning, then you may have to trick yourself. There are several little hacks you can use to get in the mood to clean. Take a look at the following ideas:


- Take one small drawer and clean it up. This often triggers the urge to do more.


- Put on an album and do as much cleaning as you can while it plays. Make sure it's something you like with some energy to it.


- Reward yourself at the end of a successful cleaning session.


- Spread the task over some days, and clean one area per day.


What does a messy room indicate?

Having a messy room can indicate a lot of different things. It might only mean that you're too busy to clean. It might mean that you have difficulty managing your time in a way that will allow for cleaning. It might also mean that you simply have too much stuff for the size of your room and that you need to start throwing things away. For some people, a messy room helps them be more creative and productive. If your messy room is a source of anxiety and frustration, then it means you need to address the room itself and whatever is causing you to keep it messy.


How do I stop being so messy?

Many messy people are that way simply because they are. However, if you want to change being messy, then it's like forming any other new habit. You have to work at it every day until it becomes a routine. You can start by going through your space and throwing things away that you've been hoarding. Another method to declutter is to make sure that everything has a home. Don't procrastinate and let clutter pile up. For example, look through your mail the day you get it. Some people need obsessive focus to change certain things. Start being obsessive about things being clean and put away. You'll be amazed at how quickly your focus can switch.



Make use of home organization hacks whenever possible to switch your mindset from messy to tidy. Decluttering items and organizers can do wonders for getting you on the path to clean.

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