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How to Set Up a Productive Desk

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To have a productive desk setup, pay attention to the tools you need. If you're a right-handed list maker, make space on that side of your keyboard for your notebook. If you are a coffee fan, make sure you have a heavy-bottomed cup with a lid at your disposal and a clean place to set it. Stamps, post-its, pens and natural lighting should be easy to access without being too close. Do your best to contain cables so they're easy to get to and you can plug in what needs charging, but not tangled in a pile that could create frustration or spills. Don't burn a lot of time trying to change your style to meet the organizational trend of the moment. However, do study them, as some of the ideas might work for you.


How can I make my desk less cluttered?


containment vessel is a great tool to reduce visual clutter. Pens and pencils can go in a mug, preferably something memorable that makes you smile. Don't waste time on lightweight, elegant organization tools that will just tip over when you pull a pencil out of them. Use something stouter. Stack post-its, or invest in a pretty box from a craft store to collect them as well as odd items including rubber bands and binder clips. 


How Do I Keep Cables From Falling Off My Office Desk?


If you're building a desktop at home, using an old door is a great option. Once the hardware has been removed, you'll have a useful hole where you can run cables for your laptop, phone, tablet or extra monitors. While you're routing cables in your home office, invest in soft ties you can use to gather them together to avoid tangling, Make sure to allow enough length so you can plug things in at different locations on your worktop. You can also pull your standing desk out from the wall by an inch to allow cables to pass through and keep a single surge strip at the back of your workspace.


How to organize an office desk for small spaces


Create a hanging rack. A simple key rack can be a great tool for many items. For example, if you need a headset for your job but don't have to wear it all the time, you can hang it beside your computer for easy access. If the desktop is very small, put your office supplies in a flat envelope box and put whatever you're working on atop the box. There are also many plastic accessories available with low profile drawers that can provide you with plenty of space. Add labels to the drawers to increase productivity and reduce hunting.


How do you organize office desk accessories?


Don't keep more than you need at your fingertips. Yes, you'll need a red, black and blue pen. Keep the remaining dozen in an office supply bin in the closet. A single pad of post-its in a few different sizes will be plenty on your desktop. You can also simplify your storage needs by building a DIY platform out of a door, shelving or file cabinets. As long as the shelves or file cabinets are of the right height, you can easily store plenty of supplies under your desk. Take care not to overdo it on the accessories; you need flat space to create mind space and get creative.




You may have to spend some time working at your desktop before you figure out what works best for your productivity needs. If you're working from home, invest slowly and focus on just what you need. You may have plenty of items in your house right now that can make your desktop work for your needs. Once you get cable messes under control, you might have more space than you think.

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