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10 Ways To Keep Your Office Organized During Covid-19 

 During the time of COVID-19, the world has become full of distractions. Despite this, we’re still expected to get our jobs done. For some people, the struggle becomes about work falling into every part of their lives. Others find it challenging to get started working at all. In either case, one of the best things you can do to help yourself is to get your office organized. 


Does that sound too simple?

 While it won’t cure everything, it can make a world of difference! Being disorganized costs you time. Studies have shown that a messy office causes stress. By putting things in their place, you can reduce stress, be more efficient, and get a better handle on keeping your work confined to one space. 

 Let’s get to work creating a professional environment that works for you so you can better normalize your professional routine during the pandemic. 


  1. Declutter Your Space

Getting rid of anything you don’t need is the first step. You need to seperate your work life and your home life. You also need to clean out anything no longer needed. Treat this space as if there is a dividing line between home and work, and only bring work things in here. 

This will better keep your work mentality in check while you’re in this space. It will also keep clutter from making your workday less efficient. 


  1. Set Boundaries For Yourself And Others Around Your Space

As mentioned above, life during COVID-19 is full of distractions. However, your desk space shouldn’t be! After you’ve cut out the distraction of clutter, it’s time to draw boundaries around your workspace, both for yourself and anyone who may invade it during the day. 

When you’re not working, it’s normal to spontaneously break into conversations with people or take your dog for an extra walk. Even when you bring your dog to work, this activity would normally be confined to specific break time. 

 It’s important to keep treating work time like a job and separating work from home life. 

Talk to the people around you to let them know your workspace is off-limits. This will also keep them from stealing objects from your desk or moving things around, costing you time the next day. 


  1. Get Anything You Can Out of Sight

Items you use constantly should be kept in easy access. The further away something is from you, the less often you should use it. Anything you don’t use continuously can be kept conveniently out of sight. 

You may consider installing an undershelf basket. This can be an easy way to keep clutter out of the way. 

If you have desk drawers or nearby cabinets, use them wisely! Take advantage of drawer organizers to keep things in their rightful place. You won’t have to dig through your drawer to find your sticky notes if they’re always in the lower-left corner. 


  1. Have A Designated Spot For Your Phone

 Your phone may sometimes be in your pocket. Or on your desk. Or you left it in the kitchen. You’ll end up losing time wondering where it is. If it’s too central on your desk, you’ll end up checking your messages instead of working. 

Decide on a designated spot for your phone where it won’t distract you and you’ll always know where it is. 


  1. Organize Your Cords

 You have a cord for your lamp, your computer, your laptop, your tablet charger, your phone charger, and your printer. This is a lot of cords! Visually, it’s overwhelming. They become trip hazards that catch on things. You end up on your hands and knees, trying to find where the charger fell to behind your desk. 

 Organize them once and for all. There are a lot of fun ways to organize cords, but one of the simplest can be to hook binder clips to the edge of your desk. It's fast, simple, and inexpensive. 


  1. Consider Your Video Conferencing Needs

During the pandemic, most workers are doing more video calls than normal. Get yourself set up for this! 

First, look at your lighting situation. Do you have natural light from a window? If not, you can purchase two small lights to hook up to the top of your computer monitor. 

Then, consider your background. Is there a nice shelf behind you? Is there anything you wouldn’t want a colleague to see it?  

If it’s impossible to keep people from coming into your workspace sometimes, consider installing a sign on your door to warn people away when you’re on a call. 


  1. Use Your Wall Space

You can use your wall space to add some organization. Install a pegboard where you can hang items. Or use a magnetic board where you can post photos or notes. 

Don’t put up more than one of these. You don’t want to cause visual clutter. But one piece of organization on the wall can be a nice way to bring things up visually and is a convenient way to keep things in easy sight. 


  1. Adjust Your Computer Height

Make your workspace ergonomic. Use a computer stand or even a box to get your monitor at the right height for you. By setting this up ahead of time, you’ll avoid neck aches and the need to readjust throughout the day constantly. 


  1. Get Set Up To Avoid Noise Pollution

This may be harder for some than others. Does your neighbor’s dog bark? Are other people doing things? 

Have a plan for this ahead of time just like you organize anything else in your workspace. If it’s possible to ask other people to reduce the noise, do so. If you can wear noise-cancelling headphones, keep them ready in your space. You can use background noise, like a noise machine or soft music, to help block unpleasant sounds out and stay focused. You can also look at sound absorbing materials to install in your room to keep the noise levels down. 


  1. Tidy Up At the End of the Day


During the last five minutes of your workday, tidy everything up. This will make the morning better. It will also give you a defined routine that marks the end of the day. You are now leaving your desk and headed into your personal life. This routine will help separate your workspace for you mentally. 

Tidy up once a day, and you won’t have to worry about messes building into something unmanageable. Check our products that will give you solutions to some of the problems. Go with this link: