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Serrated Bread Knife - Cake slicer - 10 Inch Stainless Steel - Black Rubber Ergonomic Handle

Serrated Bread Knife - Cake slicer - 10 Inch Stainless Steel - Black Rubber Ergonomic Handle


  • Uber-sharp and ready to use serrated blade knife cuts paper thin slices without tearing or reaping
  • Quick and effortlessly slice bread (fresh baked, soft, hard, crusty)
  • Very thin non-stick stainless steel blade creates the perfect uniform slice; ergonomic handle reduces fatigue and allows precision and control
  • Multipurpose knife good for bread, bagels, cake, pastries, tomatoes, pineapple
  • Hand and machine wash, resists rusts and stains; 90-day money back guarantee; check our special promotions bellow


As much as we'd love to believe that we're your first... Let's assume you've bought a Bread Knife before. Here's what you might have experienced:

SHARPNESS: a small miracle to get a kitchen knife correctly sharpened out of the box, right? Heck, we haven't even started touching almost any ingredients because for most kitchen knives you cannot take it out of the box and have it ready to cut in less than 10 minutes!

READINESS: That's our promise to you. Right out of the box and very well sharpened to start using in your kitchen... in seconds. You can start immediately preparing your bread and other foods and prepare the meal of your dreams with our multipurpose 8 inch bread knife.

If you've heard about a high quality bread knife before, it probably came at a cost. Some manufacturers really stretch the definition of what ergonomic, easy to use and clean and quality blade actually mean. If they can make it with all these 3 qualities it will come at different kind of cost - MONEY!

How did we at Blue Key World so cleverly created our outstanding knife that is good for all hands, very easy to use and clean with a super quality 8'' stainless steel blade almost on par of those $200 knives that michelin star chef's talk about?

Well, it's amazing what you come up with you set your mind to it.

Here's what we did, started contacting 24 different manufacturers whose speciality is in creating kitchen knives. We contracted out models from each and one of them and were happy with none of them. However, there were kernels of greatness in some of our prototypes. We analysed and pulled the best elements out of each - and infused them into the Blue Key World's knife you see before you. 

Don't just take our world for it though - read the reviews. Check it out for yourself knowing that you're protected by our "100% money back guarantee".

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