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Why is Decluttering Important?

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Clutter causes stress. The sight of piles of "stuff" everywhere sends a powerful message to your subconscious that the work is never done. That can be paralyzing and leave you feeling defeated no matter how much you actually accomplished. Living and working ins a cluttered environment is inefficient and downright unhealthy. The dust and mites that surround you in your piles of unsorted clothes and unwanted magazines are a health hazard. In short, by decluttering you will regain valuable time, avoid wasting your efforts and regain control of your day.

How do you declutter a room?

Everybody has their method to declutter. Some prefer the Fly Lady method, focusing on one area at a time for short bursts of time every day until the whole house is done. Others prefer to see if the items they own spark joy. There isn't any right or wrong method, just ones that do or don't work for you. One simple method involves five simple steps.

First, you clear the room or the area you are decluttering. Then you create a vision for what you want it to look like. Then you systematically sort your items into two piles. One pile for the things you want to include in your dream space and the other is for the "things" that have somehow accumulated. The next step is to break that pile into items to be removed from the home and items that need to be put away elsewhere. Finally, put all of the necessary items away. Make sure that you assign a place for everything so that nothing is left out.

How do you organize a bedroom with a little space?


When it comes to bedrooms, you want to make the space as peaceful and rest inducing as possible. You can begin that process by thinking like a minimalist. Which items in your room do you absolutely need? Which ones could you live without? Which ones would serve you better in another room? If you have a nightstand, cleat it. If you have items that you prefer to keep by the bed such as emergency inhalers or reading glasses, put them in your nightstand drawer.

Make use of all of the space in your room. The space under your bed can be used for storage. You may even consider buying a bed with drawers built into the base. You may also consider getting creative with storage. Hanging shoe racks, wall-mounted shelves, and fold away furniture all help you to do a lot with a little space. Be sure to declutter often since clutter will make an already small room seem smaller. When deciding how to be organized, it's important to take advantage of novel ideas.

How do you organize your room to make it look bigger?


Maximize the use of light in a small room. That means to keep the area around light fixtures and windows free of clutter. Ad mirrors as well to help keep the room bright. Also, maximize your use of the space by using space-saving storage techniques. Skip traditional storage ideas and use multipurpose furniture to get the most out of the space.

What decluttering can do for you?


The greatest gift of decluttering your home is the gift of time. Digging through clutter and trying to getting rid of it wastes time. Lost or damaged items that are often the result of clutter are a waste of the time and effort it took to acquire them. A cluttered workspace or home can make simple tasks seem much more complicated than they should be. Feeling overwhelmed by tasks causes you to move more slowly or avoid them altogether, which creates a vicious cycle of procrastination.



Decision-making is much like a muscle. The more you use your decision-making skills, the easier it becomes. Decluttering is often about making quick and decisive decisions about what stays and what goes; what's beneficial to you and what isn't. When thinking about how to be organized it's important not to think that it's as simple as s quick clean-up. Staying clutter-free may require you to invest in specialty items, but they are well worth it if the result is a more peaceful home and workspace.

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