• Aug 26, 2020

Simple Tips To Organize Messy Cables and Cords | DIY Cord Organizer Ideas and Creative Ways to Organize Cords

organize messy cords

Stop living in a home tied down by messy wires and tangles of electric cords. Here are some tips to help achieve clutter-free home, without costing an arm and a leg.

It’s always annoying when you see cables everywhere, especially at the back of your desk. Even if you arrange and organize them nicely at first they eventually get all tangled and it all becomes a mess. An easy solution would be to have a cord organizer to help you keep everything in place. If you can’t find one in stores or if you simply prefer to make one yourself, there are plenty of projects that can give you useful tips and ideas.

1. Label and organize cords

Organizing cords can be a daunting thing to tackle, but with a few simple steps, you can make it much more manageable. One of the best ways to keep your cords together is to get a cord and cable organizer. There are many different types available, so you can find one that fits your needs. Another way to keep your cords tidy is to label them. Use a label maker or washi tape to identify your cords, especially if you have a lot of cords that look the same. You can also use toilet paper or paper towel rolls to keep cables and cords separate. Adhesive cable ties, command hooks, and cord keepers are also great ways to keep your cords organized and easily accessible.

When you're organizing cords, it's important to keep them in place so they don't get tangled. Use zip ties or twist ties to keep cords from getting tangled, especially if they are electronics cords or charging cords. Different sizes of cords require different solutions, but you can easily organize all your cords by identifying which type of cable you need and then grouping them together. You can use cord storage behind your desk or entertainment center, in a junk drawer, or in an electronics drawer. By using functional and cute ways to organize your cords, you can keep your space looking neat and tidy while also reducing cable clutter.

Can’t always remember which cable is which? Avoid accidents like unplugging your computer by mistake just because you picked the wrong cable and use tags to mark each one. Use different colors and label them so that you always know which one is which.

2. Plug hub desk

If you have a lot of cords and wires cluttering up your desk, consider using a plug hub desk to keep them organized. A plug hub desk is a small device that you can use to group your electronic cords together in one place, such as a toilet paper roll or a cable organizer. You can label your cords and chargers to easily identify which cord you need and keep them separate. Extension cords and power cords can also be organized using this method. You can keep your cords in place and untangled by wrapping them around the cord hub, and use thicker and longer cords that come in different sizes. This also keeps your cords out of sight and gives your desk or entertainment center a neat and organized appearance. A plug hub desk is a simple and effective solution to the mess of wires and cables that can accumulate around your table or desk. It's also a great way to repurpose toilet paper rolls and other items that would otherwise go to waste. The Plug Hub is the perfect solution for all the cables that need to be concealed and organized. It’s an under-desk cord management station and keeps all the cords and the power strip hidden inside this unit. It has three openings on the top and three cord anchors inside. It’s made of rigid plastic with a rubber foot on the bottom


3. Charging station hacks

Keeping our devices charged and ready to go is essential in today's tech-heavy world, but a bunch of cords and cables can quickly turn into a mess. Fortunately, there are several charging station hacks that can help keep cords organized and tangle-free. One easy solution is to label cords and cables so that you know which one goes with which device. You can use a label maker or even washi tape to identify each cord. Another option is to use a charging station that allows you to keep your cords in one place. These stations often have multiple slots for charging different devices at the same time. Additionally, keeping cords that go together, like a phone charger and a pair of headphones, in the same spot can also help reduce clutter. You can use zip ties or even toilet paper rolls to keep cords that are the same size or type together. For thicker cords or ones that are longer, a cord organizer with adhesive backing can keep them in place and tidy. Finally, if you have a TV stand or table with a lot of cords, using a cord cover can help keep them hidden and organized. With these charging station hacks, you can say goodbye to the mess of wires and keep your charging cords in check. This is a DIY recharge station, very functional and very easy to make. You need a cardboard storage box, book plates, small brads, a craft knife, something to punch holes with, some paint, a pencil, ruler and power board. Mark where you want the book plates to go and then mark the inside area as well. Cut the rectangles and punch the holes needed for the brads. Cut a hole for the power board cord as well. Add a coat of paint and you’re done


4. Hanging cord organizer

If you're tired of seeing tangled cords and cables cluttering your workspace, a hanging cord organizer might be just the solution you need. This organizer is perfect for routers and other electronic devices with multiple cables. Not only does it keep your cords organized and separated, but it also prevents them from becoming tangled and knotted. You can easily identify which cord goes where and keep the end of each cord accessible. This type of organizer comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate different types of cords that you use, and you can even repurpose toilet paper rolls to help with the organization. Thicker cords might require larger-sized rolls, and you can use smaller rolls for thinner cords. The hanging cord organizer can be mounted on the back of your TV stand, table, or desk, giving you more space on the surface for work or entertainment. So, whether you're organizing cords for your home office or your entertainment center, this functional and stylish solution is a great way to keep your cords in order. Usually all the chargers, earplugs and cords end up in a drawer and they get all tangled. Even if you try to keep them organized, it’s not always easy. But here’s how you can make a very simple cord organizer for all these items. You’ll need some foam rubber and Velcro or double sided tape. The idea is to punch several holes for the cables of your charger, earplugs, USB cords, etc. and to attach them to a wall or to your desk.


5. Cable clips for cable management

Cable Clips will solve your problem and will make sure that your cables are organized and easy accessible when you need them. Nowadays we have cables everywhere, at our desks, in our room, in the kitchen, these cable organizers can help you any place at home, in your dorm or in your office. 

Cable clips are a great solution for managing cables and cords. They come in various shapes and sizes, and they are easy to install. With cable clips, you can keep your cords untangled and in place. They are especially useful for organizing the cables at the end of the cord, where multiple wires are often bunched together. Cable clips can also be used in conjunction with other wire management solutions such as the use of toilet paper rolls. By using cable clips, you can keep your cords organized and eliminate the mess and tangle that often comes with having many cords in one area.

One of the main benefits of using cable clips is that they are easy to install and use. Simply clip the cable into the clip, and you're done. They are also easy to move and adjust, which makes them a flexible solution for wire management. Cable clips come in various sizes and shapes, which means that you can find the right clip for your needs. Whether you need a clip for a single cable or for multiple wires, there is a clip out there that will work for you.

Overall, cable clips are a great way to keep your cords organized and tidy. They are easy to use, easy to move, and they come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Whether you're looking to organize your home or office, cable clips can be a useful tool in your wire management toolkit.

Conclusion: best cable organization ideas

These cord management tricks are very useful to do something about that rat's nest of cables, without spending lot of time and money to get it under control. In conclusion, there are many effective ways to manage cables and cords in your home or office. From using cable clips to hanging cord organizers and charging station hacks, it's important to keep your cords untangled and labeled for easy access. By incorporating these wire management techniques, you can create a clean and organized space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

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