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Kitchen Cabinets Organization Tips

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You may not care what lies behind your closed cabinet doors. Out of sight, out of mind, right? It's easy to feel that way...until you try to pull out a single sheet pan and a bunch of other metal lids and pots crash together. Even if you don't have a ton of storage space, you can help your kitchen live up to its full potential with the right cabinet organization tricks. These ideas will help you get organized—and rid yourself of clutter anxiety for good.

1. Use Pull-Out Cabinets

In this kitchen, spices, dry goods, and other cooking essentials are stored in a pull-out "pantry." This keeps then tucked away but still provides easy access. Organize each one by item type.

Utilize Organizers

If you just toss everything loosely into your cabinets, they will quickly fill up. Not to mention, it'll be impossible to find everything. Instead, break items up by type and then put them into baskets and organizers.


2. Clean up Your Cleaning Supplies

You're going to be less inclined to actually want to clean if you can't find any of your cleaning products. Use a lazy susan to hold spray bottles, then contain sponges, towels, and trash bags in plastic containers.


3. Alternate Between Closed and Exposed

In this deVol Kitchen, the prettiest items are displayed on the exposed wall-to-wall reclaimed wooden shelves and cubbies so the less attractive essentials can be tucked away in the cabinets. The color-coding adds a soothing sense of rhythm to the space, too.


4. Color Coordinate

Clutter just looks more soothing when it's all color-coordinated. Rearrange your stuff and you'll find it straight-up therapeutic to look at your closet.


5. Use Vertical Separators

When it comes to finding genius storage and organization inspiration, there's nowhere better to look than the Williams Sonoma test kitchen. This is the designated cutting board cabinet complete with vertical slot separators to prevent a messy pile-up. This makes them much easier to grab and go than they would be piled up on each other horizontally.


7. Hang a Cork Board

The back of a cabinet offers a convenient spot to create a small command center. In the kitchen, you could also use the cork board to hang recipes, or add hooks to keep measuring cups organized and within reach.


8. Repurpose File Boxes

To prevent clunky water bottles from falling out of the cabinet every time you open the door, store them on their sides using a magazine file.


9. Label Your Containers

Toss out any expired items, then transfer your most-used staples into simple labeled jars or bottles. Without the visual chaos of logos, you can easily find what you're looking for.


10. Contain Cutting Boards

When not in use, cutting boards tend to topple over in cabinets, or take up tons of space on the counter. Instead, hang a wire rack on the inside of an otherwise unused cabinet door to keep them out of the way.


Keep It On

After a month, take a moment to reflect on how the organization is going. Define any problem areas and reevaluate. Try to stay on top of the pantry and make it a yearly goal to do a declutter.


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