• Dec 20, 2019

Creative Cord Concealment: Easy Guide to Hide TV Wires 2023

cable sleeves

Cable management is something that everyone struggles with. It’s important to consider good cable management when setting up electronics in your home or office. Consider investing in some cable management tools like cable sleeves. This will prevent your cords from looking unsightly. It will also help to keep them safe from children and pets. These can easily hold all of your cables together in a bundle preventing them from becoming damaged or tangled. Aside from cable sleeves, you can also attach them to the backsides of furniture using fasteners. You can even buy a floor or ceiling molding that actually hides your cables as well.

Creative ways to conceal cords and wires behind your furniture

Creative ways to conceal cords and cables behind your furniture can make a significant difference in the appearance of your entertainment area. A messy tangle of cords and cables can be unsightly and take away from the overall ambiance of your space. Fortunately, there are some simple and creative steps to hide cords and cables in your entertainment area.

One of the best steps to hide cords and cables is to use a cord cover that can be painted to match the color of your wall or baseboard. You can also tuck cords behind furniture such as a TV stand or speaker to keep them hidden from view.

Another useful tip is to use a power strip that has a built-in surge protector to keep all of your cords and cables organized in one place. This will also help to prevent cords from becoming tangled and tripping hazards.

If you have a router or modem in your entertainment area, consider concealing it in a decorative box or container. This will not only keep cords hidden but also help to keep them organized and easy to access when needed.

In conclusion, there are several creative ways to conceal cords and cables behind your furniture, including using cord covers, tucking cords behind furniture, and using a power strip or decorative box to organize your cords. With a little effort, you can easily transform your entertainment area into a clutter-free and stylish space.


I bet your TV looks excellent mounted on your wall. However, you may be wondering how to hide all the wires coming from it. The best way to hide the tv wires is to run them behind the wall. This can be much easier than you think. However, not everyone has the option to cut holes in their drywall. If you don’t have the option, then you might consider using a plastic cover for your wires. You can paint it to match the color of your wall and looks much cleaner.

How do you hide electrical cords in a kitchen?  Simple and stylish ways to hide wires and cables

You can use plastic hooks to guide your cords along the bottom side of your cabinetry. This keeps them out of the way of water, appliances and other hazards that can prevent electrocutions. If you like to keep some of your appliances on the counter but don’t always want them plugged in then you can try a cord bundler. This allows you to wrap the cord up and hide it at the back of the appliance without seeing the cords. For smaller appliances, you can also attach Velcro to the back of the appliance and the cord plug. You can wrap the cord around the appliance and stick the plug-in place using the Velcro.


How do you hide messy cords? Behind the wall: Ideas for cover unsightly power strips and TV wires

Hiding electrical cords and cables in a kitchen can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are several simple and stylish ideas to hide cords and cables in this area of your home. One solution is to use cord covers, which can be painted to match your wall color or to create an accent. You can also run cords along the back of cabinets or along the baseboard, tucking them out of sight. Another idea is to use cable raceways or conduit to conceal cords and wires. These can be painted to blend into the wall or left as a design element.

Another solution is to use powerstrips with built-in ethernet and USB ports. These can be placed on your kitchen counter or underneath cabinets, providing easy access to power outlets without cords dangling. Additionally, you can use extension cords with flat plugs to keep them out of sight. For computers or other electronics, consider using a charging station or cord management center to hide charging cords and keep them organized.

Finally, when hiding cords behind your furniture, try to blend them into the wall or hide them behind decorative items such as lamps or plants. You can also use furniture with built-in cord management, or drill a hole in the back of your furniture to run cords through. By using these creative idea to conceal cords and cables, you can keep your kitchen looking stylish and organized while still meeting your electrical needs.
Hiding messy cords can be a difficult chore. You can use clips to attach cables to the backside of the furniture. This carefully directs them away and out of sight. Cable sleeves bundle all of your cables together and make them more manageable while preventing snags or tangles. Cable rails or molding attach to your wall and look like molding. They are excellent for hiding long wires from sound systems, computers, and home theaters.

Easy ways to hide tv wires and plug sockets , use cable management box


If you're tired of looking at the mess of cords and wires surrounding your plug sockets, there's a simple solution: a cable management box. Not only does it hide unsightly cords, but it also protects them from damage and keeps them organized. This is especially useful in a home office, where multiple devices may be plugged in at once.

There are many options available, from plain white boxes to stylish wooden ones that can blend seamlessly into your decor. Choose a size that fits your needs and the number of cords you need to conceal.

To use a cable management box, simply gather your cords and plug them into a power strip. Then place the power strip into the box and tuck any excess cords inside. You can also run the cords underneath the box or behind it to keep them completely out of sight.

In addition to keeping your cords organized and concealed, a cable management box can also prevent tripping hazards and protect your cords from damage caused by pets or kids. It's an easy and affordable solution for a common problem, and it's a great idea to make your home office look and feel more organized and professional.

There are a lot of easy steps to hide plug sockets. The simplest is to put something in front of it. I know that sounds silly but hiding a socket with a potted plant, end table, or appliance will allow you to retain the functionality of the outlet without having to look at it. If you have an awkward socket higher up on a wall you can use art, posters or wall hangings to cover it. If you do cover it with something, remember to use a plastic insert in the plug to prevent fires.



There are so many amazing cable cords organizers and ways to declutter your cable cords. You have so many options at your disposal to choose from that include cable sleeves, wall molding, and even Velcro. Consider using some of these awesome tips and tricks in your own home and watch your cord clutter vanish!

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