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How Can I Remove Clutter at Home?

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Removing clutter from your home can be a daunting task. If you don’t keep up with getting rid of “stuff” as you get more “stuff”, such as mail, paperwork, magazines, clothes, shoes or items sitting around your house, things will keep accumulating and piling up, and your house will become more and more cluttered.

There are ways to remove clutter and have a less clutter home so your home will be welcoming and relaxing. You should obtain three large boxes and mark each one. One should say, keep; the second, sell; and the third, throw away. Now you’re ready to get started. Make three piles on the floor, then decide which pile goes in each of the marked boxes. Set a time limit and take a break every once in a while, so you will not get stressed.

What is Clutter a Sign of?

Clutter could be a sign that you don’t like to deal with various aspects of your life. Getting more and more stuff may be soothing to you, but then gets out of control and piles up. One pair of shoes, becomes ten pairs of shoes; one kitchen item becomes many more kitchen items that you don’t need; mail is not dealt with and piles up; magazines are read, but never thrown away; and on and on. Clutter could mask a deeper problem in your life.

Where do I start decluttering my house?

You start with one room at a time. Choosing a room that is less cluttered will help you see progress being made more quickly. This will help give you incentive as you move from room to room and see less clutter home.

How do you declutter a small apartment?

It is more difficult to declutter a small apartment because there is not much storage space, but it can be done with some ingenuity. You can put up shelves and use baskets to keep things in order. Purchasing decorative boxes, that match your décor, are attractive to look at and keep items hidden. Storage ottomans look nice in your living room and keep extra blankets out of sight. If you notice you’re not using something for a period of time, get rid of it sooner than later, to keep things from accumulating.


How do you declutter a room?

Declutter the room, as explained before, with three piles. Once you’ve gone through the three piles and decide what to keep, find a place for everything so you can find things easily. Examples are: in the kitchen, keep items handy that are used frequently and keep pens, pencils and paper by your phone; in the bathroom, throw out old cosmetics and use baskets for towels and small trays for toiletries; and if you have a sewing/arts and crafts room, keep only the items you need for the sewing and crafts you like to make.



If you have trouble decluttering and knowing what to get rid of, don’t keep items you haven’t used or keep clothes you haven’t worn for more than a year, or at the most, two years.

Hopefully the ideas presented will help you, and you can be free of clutter.

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