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Hacks to Make Cleaning Your Home Easier

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For most of us, keeping our homes clean is one of the most boring and sometimes even the most stressful tasks that we have to do. Although it’s necessary, most of us could probably think of something else that we’d prefer to do at the time. Many people only start doing the cleaning when they realize that they’ve let the mess and dirt build up a little bit too much. However, keeping your home clean and fresh has become more important than ever before, especially due to the COVID19 pandemic. Cleaning regularly could be the difference between getting or avoiding the virus, and with more people spending time at home than ever before, keeping it clean and tidy has become a main priority. But, keeping your home clean shouldn’t be a stressful process. Here are some simple tips and hacks to make it easier for you.

Use Drain Guards:

Blocked drains in your bathtub or shower can be one of the most annoying things to deal with. Not only are you unlikely to learn that the drain is blocked until you are having a shower with the water pooling around your feet but drain unblocking solutions can also take a few hours to get to work, meaning that you might be limited as to when you can use them to ensure that they have the best effect with nobody using the shower or bath. 

De-Clutter Regularly:

Getting into the habit of regular decluttering in your home will ensure that you’re not having to tidy up a lot of items before you come to clean. Storage solutions should be put in place in every room so that you always have somewhere to put things back once you have done using them. You might also want to put a box or basket in each room for items that you don’t want to keep; at the end of each month, you can go through this and donate or sell these items to free up space in your home. Clutter-free rooms are much easier to clean and nicer to live in, too. 

Create a To-Do List:

If you often find yourself putting off household chores until the room gets too bad to ignore, you’re not alone. Perhaps you wish that you could keep up with cleaning every day but either forget about what needs doing or struggle to find the time. Creating a to-do list in your home that can be placed in an area where it’s easy for everybody to see could help get this problem solved. You can divide your to-do list into daily, weekly, and monthly tasks and check them off as they are done so that you can easily keep track of what’s been completed and what’s left to do. 

Clean Your Appliances:

Today, there are plenty of different appliances that we can use for cleaning at home, such as vacuum cleaners and washing machines, which are some of the most popular. But, think about the last time that you cleaned your cleaning appliances? For them to work as effectively as possible and get the best results, they need to be clean. Around once a month, it’s a good idea to set aside some time to give your cleaning appliances a thorough cleaning. The more often you do this, the less build-up you’ll have to deal with and the easier the job will be. 

Keep Your Shoes Off:

Placing a shoe tray or shoe rack at the entrance to your home is a simple way to keep things cleaner for longer by encouraging everybody to take their shoes off before entering. While this is a common custom in many countries around the world, in the West, it’s not unusual to see people at home with their outdoor shoes on. And this can seriously wreck your carpets and flooring. If you prefer to wear shoes at home for any reason, it’s a good idea to get a pair of shoes purely for that purpose. 

Keep these hacks in mind and make keeping your home clean and tidy easier than ever. 

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