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How Can I Decorate My Home Office?

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Whether you've always worked from home or are now transitioning into telecommuting, your workspace needs to be more than a folding table and extra dining chair. You need a place that boosts productivity and is enjoyable to be in. And since you'll spend most of your day there, it's essential to create a space that works from day one. 


If you're not sure how to get started, you've come to the right place. Below are a few ways to create your home office.


How do I build a small home office?


Building your workspace doesn't need to be complicated. Look around the area and consider ways to make the space functional. This can include installing free-floating shelving, under the desk storage and a desk that can house all of your supplies. 


Look for desks that have large, deep drawers where you can store your supplies. You can then add dividers to keep everything organized. This is especially important is your work area is on the small side. The key is to make the space as functional and ergonomically correct as possible. 


Where should I put my office?


Since you'll spend the majority of your day in your office, you want it to be as accessible and distraction-free as possible, choose a spot that can house the necessities; a desk, comfortable seating, file cabinet and any other supplies you need. If your business requires a separate meeting space, choose an area that's large enough to accommodate. 


You should also consider lighting and if possible, always set up shop where you can make the most of natural lighting. Working in low-lit spaces causes eyestrain and headaches. If you can't work next to a window, consider buying light bulbs that mimic natural lighting. 


Also, don't forget to add a little greenery to your workspace. Plants are proven to increase productivity while boosting your mood, so pick ones that make you feel happy. 


How do I set up an office at home?


In addition to having space to move around, you also need to think about ergonomics. Nothing decreases productivity more than a space that isn't set up correctly. Make sure your desk and chair are positioned at the right height. Also, keep everything you regularly use at arm's length. To keep your desk free of clutter, use mason jars to store pens, paper clips and other odds and ends. 


How can I make my office more comfortable?


Your comfort level also needs to be considered. Since you're at home, let your personality shine through. If you want colorful throw pillows and billowy curtains that let the sunshine in, go for it. If you prefer soft, supple leather chairs that make going to work seem like a spa day, then definitely invest in these. 


Final Thoughts

Most importantly, you never want to sacrifice form for function. Your home office should be designed to keep your productivity levels high while making your workday as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

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