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How to Build a Home Office on a Budget

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For many companies, offices are in the past. Nowadays, coworkers communicate via messages and video calls using tools like Skype and Asana. Physical workspaces have become less critical and, as a result, more people are working from home. However, many people have a low budget for building an outstanding home office, and few people can pay to have a professional space planner to design an efficient home office space.

Whether you're working at home full-time or not, make sure to include adequate lighting and comfortable chairs. Bring in some plants and attach some inspiring artwork to you home office walls. After all, you might be spending plenty of time there—it should be a comfortable space that you enjoy spending time in

How do I build a cheap home office?

There are some steps that you can follow before building your cheap home office.

1. Reused office furniture

Office furniture can be expensive, so before you rush out to your local furniture store, start creating your home office by examining what you have already got. Look around your house for items that could be utilized better in the office. If there is an old, unused table, think whether it would be perfect as a desk. Do you have a chest of drawers filled with junk that could be better used as office storage? Move it to your home office. Items like these will save you a lot of money in the process. If you don't have any of these items to spare, ask around friends and family to see if they have any to give you or to loan you.

2. Buy at discount

Visit a variety of flea markets and garage sales, or look out for companies upgrading their office space to try and get your office furniture for less. However, if you are devoted to buying new, there are plenty of companies out there that offer affordable office furniture. Look out for special in-store discount events to help save extra cash. Additionally, sign up for store newsletters online and be kept up-to-date with the latest email offers—they sometimes send out discount voucher codes.

3. Create a list of everything you need

Rank items in your list in order of importance. Be practical and try to list only the essential items that you will need to operate your business. Try to keep the list to items that you will actually use on at least a weekly basis.
You can also try to combine items, too—for example, instead of buying a printer and a scanner separately, look for a printer with a scanning function. Likewise, look for a desk with a printer shelf or drawer storage. Look for shelving units with organizers for your pens and other small office supplies. This will save you money and space in the office. Then, when you have the cash available, buy each item in order of importance—this approach will make the cost of building your home office more manageable.

How can you improve your home office desk?

Study shows that the average American spends only 2 hours 23 minutes doing actual work at the desk while reading news sites, checking social media and chatting with coworkers takes up just as much time. However, your work can sufficiently be improved if you redesign your office desk.

Here are some simple tips and tricks on how to redesign your workspace so that it becomes your main inspiration for productive work and steady focus:

1. Add some plants to your desk

Researchers at the University of Exeter found that simply enriching a plain and minimal office setting with plants helped to increase productivity by 15%. The conclusion that green offices were found to house happier and more productive workers is a really strong argument to bring in some greenery into our workspaces. Moreover, potted plants are a simple and excellent way to decorate your desk, which, in turn, will lighten up your spirits.

2. Organize desk clutter every day before you leave

Disorganized desk damages your productivity, as these statistics reveal. 41% of the surveyed office workers believe that tidy workspace is crucial to getting work done, plus it can also increase your chances of promotion. Excess clutter on your desk can also be accountable for your stress levels. In the long run, it can cause mental overload and make your habits of unproductive procrastination worse.

3. Personalize your desk

Several studies found that personalizing our spaces, especially in an open office, helps us better cope with distractions and stress, gives us more control and establishes a positive relationship between our identity and our workplace. Having our personal items on desk motivates us to work harder. It's easy to follow the logic – if your workspace contains only the elements necessary to fulfill a certain function related to your job, then you'll be more likely doing only what you need to do. Create a mood board of your goals and dreams, find a beautiful image in soothing or energizing colours, put your favourite picture of your loved ones or simply motivate yourself with a powerful quote


How do I choose the home office space?

The first – and probably the most important – thing to think about when designing a home office is where your home office ought to be located. Consider your working style and the nature of your work, as well the needs of the people you live with. Or, if you simply don't have space elsewhere, a spare bedroom or corner of a bedroom or living space can do the trick nicely, if well planned. On the other hand, if you run a small business from home while keeping an eye on children, you may need your workspace near the kitchen or sitting room, perhaps in an under-used dining room. If your work is solitary and requires quiet and privacy, a garden office room, garage conversion or home office in a loft conversion is most appropriate.

How can I decorate my home office?

Comfort is key. The most important thing to keep in mind when designing a home office is personal comfort. Make it a space you enjoy. Surround yourself with things that make you happy, grateful, so you are encouraged to perform.
Accessorize intelligently. When it comes to creating a home office space, it's essential to include the items that are often overlooked. Instead of throwing together a hodgepodge of office supplies, choose a proper desk set.
Customize the lighting. Don't just rely on the room's existing overhead lights. Instead, add in functional and stylish lamps to create a luxe atmosphere.


Redesigning office space to increase your productivity is one of the most important things to do while working from home. There are a few simple tips and tricks you can use to build a more comfortable and productive home office. Choosing the right decor, installing ambient lighting and maintaining a clean office environment will help you get more done.

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