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Is Being Disorganized Bad? 

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Some experts believe that cleanliness is learned, since no child has the cognitive capacity to be truly organized until around six years of age, and many children who grow up to be neat adults use messiness in their rooms as a form of rebellion against their parents.

But while being neat may have kept our ancestors from dying of the plague, there's still no conclusive proof that being neat in any way makes you a better person than your messier friends.


What a Messy Room Says About You?

A messy room can say many things about your personality. For some people, a messy room is a sign of depression. If your messy room is not overwhelming, the problem might not be psychological. Organization might not be your main priority. Being disorganized is bad. Everyone should strive to be organized. A clean room will give you mental clarity. These home organization hacks can help you keep your room organized.


How Do I Stop Being Lazy and Clean My House?

If you want to be organized, you have to study organized people. You might think that being organized is a personality trait. Anyone can be organized. You can organize your house in one day, but you have to maintain your clean home. Organized people have one thing in common. They use systems to stay organized. Clean your desk every night. A pile of tangled cords is an eyesore. Keep your cords in one location with double cable clips. Always put dirty clothes in the hamper. Fold your clean clothes when you take them out of the dryer. Never open junk mail in your room. Keep a trash can next to your front door for junk mail.  


Should I Clean or Declutter First?

You should always declutter before you clean your house. You cannot clean a cluttered room. If your house has too much stuff, it will be messy again in a few days. Make separate piles for trash and donations. Give your room a weekly inspection. If you buy something new, throw away something old. Sometimes, it is hard to ignore the urge to clean while you are decluttering. Vacuum the floor each time you clean a pile of clutter. If you cannot find the motivation to declutter, remove a small amount of clutter every day. Do this consistently, and you can get rid of the clutter in less than a week.


What Are the Consequences of Poor Organization?

Being unorganized can lead to poor mental health. Piles of tangled cords can give some people anxiety. It can make you lazy. You will spend more money replacing items that are lost in your home, and you might miss important deadlines. Your messy room can ruin your reputation with your friends. Messy people are stereotyped. People will think you are unreliable, and you might not get invitations to popular networking events. You cannot host special events in a messy house.


Cleaning is a mindless activity. If you need motivation, listen to music. Watch videos of other people cleaning. Do not make cleaning an overwhelming task. You will need tools to help you stay organized. Getting organized does not have to cost a fortune. You can start being organized with these home organization hacks. A wire management solution will make your cords more accessible. Double cable clips are easy to install. Start organizing your house today. When you clean every day, your home will always look presentable.

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