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How Do I Begin to Organize My House 

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Organizing your house can seem like a daunting task, especially if it has been a long time since it was last organized. One of the most important tips is to start thinking about how to store different pieces of clutter or things that need to be organized. 

After you have developed storage spaces for specific items, move on to the busiest areas of the home. These are most often the kitchen, the dining room, the living room and any other shared spaces. Make sure anyone who lives with you knows where things go after they have been organized. 

After common spaces have been organized, move on to personal areas. Organize your bathroom products and your bedroom. Do not neglect to organize your closet. Even hold the smallest of things and spaces such as cables and wires or laundry rooms. Having an organized house will bring a stress-free environment. 


How Do I Get Motivated to Clean Overwhelmed Mess?

It is important to remember that the mess is only going to get worse if you continue to lack motivation and just let it sit. Focus on completing one task at a time, and try to start with smaller tasks first. Find something that will bring you joy that needs organizing first and go from there to what you hate to organize most. After your house has been arranged, set a routine, so it does not become overwhelmingly messy again, and so you do not lose motivation again. Always find your  your most dreaded cleaning task and do it next.


Where Do I Start to Declutter?

1. The best way to ensure you’ll actually start decluttering is to schedule it on your calendar. Pick a time frame that works best for you, but don’t worry about blocking off a full day for the job.

2. You can start with the space that bothers you the most. Start with the part of your home that’s causing you the most stress or anxiety.

3. Continue with what you can see. This means clean most visible surfaces.

Remember, you can always ask professional for help.


How Do You Declutter Without Being Overwhelmed?

It is important to always have a strategy in place before beginning decluttering, especially if you are overwhelmed. Start with smaller rooms or smaller tasks like organizing wires so you can achieve little results quickly. Think about the time it will take to declutter so you can set aside that time in the day to do so without stressing about having to meet a particular deadline. Take items that you no longer need immediately to a donation centre or to the dump. Continue doing this in small steps to make the most efficient results. 


Our suggestion of where to start

The bathroom is the best place to start to declutter if you feel overwhelmed. It will offer you motivation as it will not take much time to declutter and will feel like a reward when it is organized. Things can be easily thrown away in the bathroom if they are old products or trash. Only keep the items that you utilize regularly, and that still have use left in them, including cleaning products, makeup products, and any hygiene products.


To sum up

Decluttering a house can be overwhelming and stressful. When planning and starting small, you can achieve great results. Do not forget your workspace, however, and be sure to utilize cable clips when organizing the wires in your home. Keep up the motivation, and your house will be decluttered in no time.

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